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By Published On: May 1st, 2015

Puffed whole-grain brown rice cakes fit comfortably between pudgy fingers […]

Love-Child-OrganicsPuffed whole-grain brown rice cakes fit comfortably between pudgy fingers
while notes of apple and raspberry tickle tiny taste buds.
Love Child Organics rice cakes, $3

SproutFor a meal that’s ready in less than a minute, serve this microwavable pouch
of whole-grain mac ‘n’ cheese, butternut squash and white beans.
Sprout Organic Foods meal pack, $2

Happy-FamilyFortified with choline for brain and eye development,
these purple carrot and blueberry puffs melt in little mouths.
Happy Family puffs, $3

BeechNutGood-for-baby gastronomy takes hold in this jarred corn, kale and spinach trifecta.
Beech-Nut jarred food, $1

Peter-Rabbit-OrganicsA farm-fresh combo, this easy-to-eat treat blends beets, carrots and pears.
Peter Rabbit Organics food pouch, $2

Plum-Organics-1Teething tots will enjoy the sweet relief that comes
from gnawing on these blueberry and fig wafers.
Plum Organics teething wafers, $4

Ellas-Kitchen-1Cheesy crackers are practically a rite of passage, but these cheddar-
and leek-infused multigrain snacks one-up their fishy predecessor.
Ella’s Kitchen snack wheels, $4

Gerber-Organic-Brown-Rice-CerealAn excellent source of iron, this starter cereal makes
a great base for fruit and veggie add-ins.
Gerber brown rice cereal, $6

NurturmeQuinoa packs a protein punch and goes down easily,
thanks to the tasty addition of sweet potato and raisin.
NurturMe quinoa cereal, $6

Earth's-Best-1This basic breakfast (or lunch or dinner) boasts a scrumptious banana boost.
Earth’s Best whole-grain oatmeal cereal, $3