fit2bmom Colorblock Pant Active Kit

By Published On: October 14th, 2010

With a new bundle of boy on the way, I […]

With a new bundle of boy on the way, I have a revived appreciation for products that simplify.
So when I received fit2Bmom’s Colorblock Pant Active Kit, I was ecstatic. A tee, pant and headband packaged together in a convenient, multipurpose bag—what could be easier?
fit2bmom3The first thing that struck me about the Modern Roundneck Tee was its fun color (I tried the teal, but it also comes in white, black and lavender). With all of my maternity active bottoms being black, a little color on top goes a long way to brighten things up. The next thing I fell in love with was its length. With a little ruching on the side seams and super stretchy material, the tee gave my belly plenty of room to expand but remain completely covered. The tee has been a wonderful—and frequently grabbed for—addition to my maternity workout wardrobe.
Speaking of belly coverage, the Colorblock Pants have a fantastically wide waistband that can be worn folded over or pulled up for a little added coverage (if, for example, your Roundneck Tee is dirty and you have to resort to a less ideal top). Also, the white waistband provides excellent contrast to the black legs for you fellow color lovers out there. Okay, so during pregnancy, let’s face it, our bellies are not the only thing expanding. The Colorblock Pant has accounted for this! The cut is wider through the thigh and leg so they fit more like sweatpants than spandex, even around a newfound rear. fit2Bmom also took into account an expecting mother’s shifting center of gravity and greater risk of tripping over our feet that we may or may not be able to see by keeping the length of this pant reasonable. I’m about 5’5″, and every pair of yoga pants I’ve ever worn have dragged underneath my heels. But not these! Throw on a pair of sneakers and the hem just grazes the ground. Not only will I be less likely to trip over them, but they’ll will last longer and in better condition too.
As for the headband and cinch-top bag? Well, I rock the headband during my brisk walks and hikes, but I really love it for my daily face-washing—it seriously does the best job staying put and preventing sudsy locks. And the bag is great for just about anything, including carrying snacks on any venture longer than 30 minutes. (A preggo gal’s gotta eat, right?!)
These incredibly flattering fitness duds are of really high quality and have withstood a multitude of washes and line dries (which, even indoors, only takes a couple of hours). They’ve maintained their shape, stretchability, size and color! The Colorblock Pant Active Kit is a great idea fit2Bmom has executed superbly, and I’d most certainly recommend it.
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