Fisher-Price Rinse ‘N Grow Tub

By Published On: December 21st, 2015

As a first-time mom, one of my greatest postpartum fears […]

As a first-time mom, one of my greatest postpartum fears was Ava’s first bath at home. I already had two hand-me-down tubs, but the thought of using either of them made bathtime even more intimidating! When I got the Fisher-Price Rinse ‘N Grow Tub I was excited to dive in to my first baby bath.
The tub was nearly ready to use out of the box. Assembly (if you can even call it that) was a piece of cake. We simply had to attach the sling using the color-coded clips and fill the tub with water. I didn’t find it necessary to read the manual, but the photos and concise descriptions do provide a full understanding of the tub’s functionality at just a quick glance.
The tub is designed to accommodate three stages of growth: newborns, infants and toddlers up to 25 pounds. Its “tropical blue” color makes it gender-neutral (and happens to be one of my favorite colors). Two goldfish strainer cups (one red, one yellow) are handy for rinsing the baby and will make be great toys when she’s old enough to play in the bath.
My favorite feature is the adjustable sling. It makes me feel comfortable focusing on cleaning my baby instead of being distracted with keeping her head above water. The sling keeps the baby safe, while allowing however much of her back and bottom you choose to soak in the water. The only improvement I would like to see is some way of preventing the baby from sliding down in the sling. It might just be that Ava is still so small, but we have to reposition her a couple times during each bath.
Ava seems to really enjoy bath time in this tub. The only part that makes her fuss is when we take her out! We use it almost daily, and I expect we will continue to use it until she outgrows all three phases.
The tub is easy to clean with a simple rinse in the kitchen sink. There is a built-in drain that makes clean up easy and mess-free. The sling portion is machine-washable and air-dries quickly. After a couple accidents in the bath, I can honestly say that it cleans up nicely!
It is a good size and fits perfectly in the space under Ava’s changing table, but the space is larger than a typical table might have. It would store easily on a shelf or the floor of a closet, though. I don’t know that I would travel with it, considering how much other stuff is necessary to bring for a baby.
I think the tub will likely stand the test of time, as it is a well-made product. I wouldn’t trust any product where my baby is suspended if it wasn’t high quality! My mom also pointed out the tub doesn’t have any baby-specific designs on it, so it could even be repurposed in the future as an ice bucket for drinks at a BBQ.
Price: $30
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