Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Bouncer

By Published On: November 7th, 2012

Before I knew a single thing about the Fisher-Price My […]

Before I knew a single thing about the Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Bouncer—even its name—I wanted it for my baby. I mean, it looks so soft and so comfy, and the ears that make your already-cute baby look like a bunny? Get out! It was love at first (online) sight.
FP-My-Little-SnugabunnySo once I had the real, live version in my possession, it was time to pull my head out of the adorable-cloud and get down to the nitty gritty of the bouncer’s function and quality. Because no matter how cute something looks, if it doesn’t work for your baby, it just becomes pretty decoration. And in my small condo, we didn’t have room for pretty decoration. So how did it measure up?
First, the fabric is incredibly soft and cozy. (I wish my bed were that comfortable!) But in addition to being super soft, the cover is also machine washable, which is an absolute must for a seat that holds a very sweet but incredibly messy newborn. The seat comes with comforting vibration options so that you can calm your baby with a soft sensation. My son never seemed to have a preference whether it was on or off, but I know for some babies this makes a world of difference. Also, the sounds the bouncer produces are thankfully easy on the ears. I have heard some of my mom friends’ bouncers, and the music and other sounds can grate after a few minutes. The nature sounds in particular are very soothing and gentle, and my son would often drift to sleep when they were played.
The arm that hangs above the bouncer has plush birds hanging from it, which unfortunately he can’t reach now that he has grasping control, but when he was little it was nice for him to have something to look at. Plus, now that he is grabbing, I can just attach links or other hanging toys from the bar at the top for a little entertainment. When he kicks his legs in the seat, it bounces itself up and down, which he really seems to enjoy. Another big bonus is the portability of the bouncer—it’s easy to pick up and tote from room to room. Sometimes it was the only way I could get a shower in! But just plopping him in and setting him outside the tub was the way to go.
So I declare my crush on this seat to be verified after using it with my baby. We have used it every day, multiple times a day with our son, and consider it to be a very useful (and did I mention adorable?) piece of gear to have around the house.
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