Fisher-Price FastFinder Deluxe Wide Opening Diaper Bag

By Published On: December 1st, 2013

Let’s be honest: Most dads are not crazy about carrying […]

Let’s be honest: Most dads are not crazy about carrying the stylish, printed, designer diaper bags that attract us moms. Therefore, finding the perfect carryall for both myself and my husband was important. I instantly knew I found the perfect match with the Fisher-Price Deluxe Wide Opening Diaper Bag. It is super dad-friendly and great for everyday use!
Fisher-PriceFastFinderAs the name states, it’s the ultimate bag for the Type A organizer. Each outside zipper pocket and compartment has a small, simple tag with a picture of what that compartment is for. There’s ample room for pacifiers and diapers, and there’s an insulated pocket for a bottle along with other miscellaneous zip and snap pockets. The wipes compartment includes a plastic container and can be accessed from the outside of the bag, which is super convenience for quick clean up. The backside of the bag has a Velcro pocket that’s perfect for those extra odds ‘n ends. The interior of the bag has one large compartment with multiple pockets. It looks a lot like most purses with multiple compartments to slide your phone and other items that need to be grabbed quickly. The bag also comes with a simple, thin, black changing pad. The bags top opening can be zippered. I like that the bag has a large opening allowing for easy location of items within.
The material on both the inside and outside is extremely easy to wipe clean. The shoulder strap has plenty of adjustability, which is nice for multiple carrying options, as well as a soft, comfortable shoulder pad. The bag also has two short straps without any padding. I can’t imagine carrying a diaper bag that does not have a long shoulder strap. Another great feature is that it has a firm, flat bottom—a great way to prevent picking up items that spill from a tipped bag. The bottom has four little feet to help prevent the bag from touching the ground and to stay standing. However, they are not very big; they help keep the bag upright, but the fabric does touch the ground.
The overall style of the bag is simple and clean. It weighs very little on its own, which means the weight is bearable when packed full. The shoulder pad is clingy enough that it does not slide off of your shoulder. The size of the bag is perfect to fit the essentials: extra clothing, a few diapers, bottle, wipes, a snack, travel-sized personal items, etc. and a few extras for mom like lip gloss, keys and a small wallet.
I would, generally, recommend this bag for a simple day trip or around town. It’s not quite large enough to pack multiple day’s worth of items. The price is exactly what I would expect for the quality, convenience and appearance of the bag.  Overall, I’m a big fan of its simple style and organizational properties. The best part is my husband has accepted it as his new appendage!
Price: $50
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