Fisher-Price Deluxe SpaceSaver Highchair

By Published On: October 1st, 2013

I would have thought that by the time my third […]

X7330-spacesaver-high-chair-d-1I would have thought that by the time my third child was born we would have everything we needed for a baby, but our hand-me-down highchair broke when being used by our second child, and we were in need of a new one. I am amazed with the new features of the Fisher-Price Deluxe SpaceSaver Highchair that were not a part of our 10-year-old hand-me-down chair. There are a lot of great new features that make the highchair easier to use and much easier to clean. I love that the seat cover can be easily removed and washed in the washing machine, but it’s also made from a fabric that’s easy to wipe down quickly between washings. My favorite feature was that the EZ Clean straps were plastic rather than fabric, so they are super easy to wipe down. I could never get the straps on our old highchair or booster clean enough because they were fabric, and they couldn’t be removed to be washed.
I also like how the top tray comes off for easy clean-up in the sink or the dishwasher … and if you don’t get the chance to clean the tray between meals, you can just take off the top tray and use the bottom tray until you have a chance to clean them both! This chair is definitely parent-friendly.
When people found out that we were expecting our third, many asked if we would be moving into a new (presumably bigger house), so you can imagine that space is an issue in our current home. We love the space saving feature of this highchair that fits onto one of our existing kitchen chairs—not to mention the price! And since the SpaceSaver is more compact, it would be great for taking on trips or even over to a friend’s house for dinner.
The straps securely attach to the chair on the bottom and back, so everything is sturdy. The chair was easy to put together—the instructions were easy to read, but I didn’t even need them. From the time I opened the box until the chair was securely attached was probably only 10 minutes!
The seat is adjustable from reclining for baby’s first rice cereal meal to sitting up as baby explores finger foods. It even converts into a booster seat.  The base is adjustable as well to allow the chair to fit with your toddler’s changing height or even the height of your table.
All in all, this is a great highchair with a cute gender-neutral design that could be used with multiple children for many years. I do like the idea of hand-me-downs, and plan to pass this highchair onto a friend when we are done with it.
Price: $75
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