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Ask any new parents what their goal is for the […]

Ask any new parents what their goal is for the first months of their precious little one’s life, and they would be lying if the answer is anything but figuring out a way for the entire family to get as much sleep as possible while maintaining some resemblance of a “normal” life. That is, life before the multiple night feedings and experiencing what I like to refer to as “zombie mode.” OK, so maybe that isn’t the goal for every new parent. I’m sure there are a lucky few out there whose children naturally sleep without a problem. But for those of us who are not so lucky, for those of us who have experienced what it’s like to only get two hours of sleep, the Fisher-Price Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper is definitely worth a shot.

This sleeper is set apart from other sleepers by its automatic rocking feature, which gives me the break I need from the constant moving my little one loves so much. With two settings for timed rocking, 30 minutes or 6 hours, this sleeper has given me much needed time throughout the day—and night— to sleep, relax or finally tackle those everyday chores that find a way to pile up so quickly.

In addition to the automatic rocking feature, there are also several musical options and a toy ring to keep tots entertained. My baby girl seems to prefer the songs over the available nature sounds, but options are always nice to have, especially as she grows and boredom will begin to set in a little more quickly.

This sleeper assembles easily and is simple to use. Two features that I absolutely love are the one-step closure and the ease with which it travels. With one push of the button on the locking hub, the sleeper folds up and stores away neatly. There is a built in section for the power cord to be wrapped around the auto rock unit, so that everything can be stored together. I actually received this sleeper the week before moving, and the timing could not have been better. Because it folds up to be very compact and is incredibly lightweight, it was easy to keep track of during the move, and my little one slept comfortably in it throughout the days it took us to prepare her room.

The automatic rocking and music is controlled by the auto rock unit on a lower portion of one of the legs. It is convenient that the power button is large enough to turn off with my foot. I know that sounds strange, but it is very helpful for the times I forget to turn off the sleeper before picking up my sleeping beauty to take to bed for the night, which seems to happen more often than not. For moms like me who want to clean up/shut off everything in a room when leaving for the night without having to make a special trip back, all while carrying a sleeping baby, you will appreciate this feature.

For all the positives there are for this sleeper, I do wish it were a little quieter. The motorized rocker is rather noisy. Though, I must admit, you get used to the noise quickly. I don’t even notice it now, but I don’t think I could share a room with my little one at night while using the rocking feature. My gal does not seem to mind the noise, though, and has no problem sleeping. I think initially she was intrigued by the sound, but like most things, the newness has worn off. Now she sleeps while rocking without a problem.

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Mostly, my baby girl prefers the movement; the music is more a change of pace feature for her, and sometimes the higher music volume startles her. She’s not bothered by music at lower levels, though, so hopefully it won’t be a problem for you either.

Overall, I have been very pleased with this sleeper, and I would suggest to anyone. It has proven time and again to keep both my daughter and me happy. So if your little one wants to be on the move all the time, or you’re looking for a device to help your baby sleep, I would check out the Fisher-Price Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper. It has become a staple for our family, and I am sure it can be the same for yours!

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