The First Years ATS All-Terrain Stroller

By Published On: February 3rd, 2014

Having a newborn is one of the most exciting experiences […]

Having a newborn is one of the most exciting experiences imaginable. Getting to know your baby and finding out what products and tools work best for your family truly makes such a difference in daily activities. My husband and I had the opportunity to try out the First Years All-Terrain Stroller, and it has become such an important tool in our lives. Our newborn is our most precious cargo, and having a reliable and functional stroller that we feel confident transporting her around in makes daily outings an enjoyable time.
TheFirstYearsATS3The First Years ATS is an extremely rugged and versatile product that will transition with your child as they grow from newborn to toddler. The stroller is designed to transform from a comfortable bassinet style stroller to an upright stroller geared toward toddlers, with a weight limit of 5o pounds. This is a very appealing aspect of the stroller. When obtaining baby products, you want to purchase items that will not only fit your lifestyle, but also have the durability to last as long as you need. We feel confident that the First Years ATS will be the perfect stroller for our daughter as she grows.
Upon receiving the stroller we made sure to read all of the instructions provided by the company. The pamphlet was easy to follow and thorough. The stroller is a very solid and heavy item. Its frame is the heaviest feature, which makes you feel confident that it will not easily push over or become top heavy when in use with your child. The rest of the stroller parts are nicely labeled in the instructional pamphlet and easy to recognize when assembling. Once we had all of the stroller parts out of the box and identified we found that the process of assembling the stroller was time consuming, but not extremely difficult. It is crucial to follow the instructional manual step by step. The parts and directions must be carefully managed or it could become a little overwhelming to assemble. My husband predominately took over the assembling stage, mainly because I tend to want to try to assemble things without following the directions, something that this stroller requires.
Once the ATS was assembled we discovered one problem: The bassinet cover did not having the correct snaps to attach to the stroller. We looked over the entire stroller and double checked our manual, but realized that the stroller did not have the bottom connecting part of the snaps built onto the stroller base. The bassinet cover had the buttons on the sides, but there were not any snaps to connect them to the stroller. We can still use the cover by laying it over the stroller, but normally just use the bassinet without the cover. It works fine this way as long as we are not out and about in bad weather.
We would recommend purchasing this stroller when your child is first born. The bassinet feature is absolutely fantastic for a newborn. We have not attached the toddler seat because our daughter is not big enough to sit upright in the seat yet, but we have explored the chair and are very satisfied with its durability and design. Once our daughter is out of the newborn stage and a little older, we feel confident that the seat will be perfect. As for now, we are really enjoying the bassinet. It is a great aspect of this stroller. It is very roomy and comfortable for our daughter. She is a little over 6 pounds right now, and there is plenty of space for her and a comfy blanket. The basinet also easily comes out of the stroller and can be used to hold your child at home, or if you decided to visit somewhere and needed a place to lay your child for a nap or a diaper change. It could also be used to transport your little one into a store without using the stroller base.
The color of the entire stroller is black and would easily work for a boy or girl. The interior feature of the stroller is a neutral grey and has grey, black, and white polka dots as accents, which is once again a design suitable for either gender. The other features of the First Years All-Terrain Stroller are also very appealing. The handle bar and tires are very solid and comfortable. The stroller turns easily and smoothly when in use. The three-wheel design moves effortlessly and makes pushing the stroller very comfortable. The top portion has a part with cup holders and a small compartment with a zipper, perhaps for car keys or a cell phone. The bottom of the stroller has ample space for your baby bag or any other item that you would want to carry along with you.
The stroller is a very heavy product, which is wonderful for durability but requires a bit of practice when moving and transporting it from your vehicle. We would suggest opening it and putting it back and forth a few times in order to feel comfortable. Other than the lack of the bassinet cover snaps and the extra weight of the stroller, we feel that the First Years ATS is a great product that is going to be well loved by our family. Our daughter will be able to grow from the bassinet feature to the toddler seat. We will happily transport our child on adventures with a stylish and comfortable stroller. We are extremely pleased with the product and would recommend it for any family looking to buy a great stroller.
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