First Trimester Travels

By Published On: September 1st, 2010

Written by: Sheri August 31 2010 My first trimester has […]

Written by: Sheri

My first trimester has quite accidentally fallen in the middle of summer vacation season.

Since my husband and I moved away from many of our friends and family a few years ago, we spend a lot of time visiting loved ones. This summer we had five trips planned—four road trips and one trip to England to visit my in-laws. Usually I look forward to being on the road. But when I feel like throwing up, it’s a little tough to get excited for a long drive, let alone a flight.

I’ve muddled through so far, but I will admit it hasn’t been nearly as enjoyable as I had hoped. Even though I usually have a stomach of steel, I got car sick driving through the West Virginia mountains. And while my husband stays up to hang out with our friends, I find myself sneaking off to bed early.

With two more trips to go, I have come up with a little survival kit that does help me get through.It consists of pretzels, ginger-flavored Altoids, powered drink mix (because for some reason, drinking plain water makes me want to hurl immediately), and the most comfortable yoga pants I own.

I also got a prescription today for some anti-nausea medication to use on the flight to England, if needed. It’s tough enough traveling internationally with a toddler. A pukey mom would make it unbearable for all of us, I think.

The upside to all of this travel is that we get to tell a lot of people about our new little person face-to-face. That part has been really fun.It almost makes the pain of traveling worth it. Almost.I just keep trying to remind myself that this first-trimester ickiness will be long forgotten in seven months when I get to hold a wrinkly, squirmy baby in my arms. Until then, I’ll have to stick with the ginger Altoids.