First Halloween

By Published On: November 6th, 2013

Before I started writing this post, my wife reminded me […]

Before I started writing this post, my wife reminded me that I had already dedicated TWO posts to my child’s Halloween costumes. If this was a subtle way of saying “you should not write about costumes,” I completely missed it until just now. Still, I refuse to buckle to peer pressure. Bullying is an epidemic, and I refuse to be a victim. Also, my couch is so much more comfortable than I remember.
In his debut as the Cowardly Lion, Oliver struggled to make his performance believable. He was continually asked to be more cowardly, but his rebel spirit prevailed. He roared in my face, clawed at his mother, and we think he ate a gazelle.


In his encore performance, Oliver portrayed a portly pumpkin child. Again, the child failed miserably. He strutted around the room, whipped his head back and forth and insisted on being called the King of the Jungle. We tried to explain that these were two different costumes, to no avail. He really enjoyed being a lion.


For our third and final performance, we dressed as Star Wars characters. We decided to close out Halloween with a bang, and as you can see, we nailed it. I made an excellent (though bearded) Han Solo, my wife was the perfect Leia, and Oliver beat up a storm trooper. He really gets into character.

Star Wars

Next year, I might just dress as Oliver. This kid is starting to become my hero.