First flexes

By Published On: September 1st, 2014

Even from day one, you can see signs of your […]

Even from day one, you can see signs of your tot’s muscle control in her newborn reflexes—which also give moms a peek at the developmental road ahead. But it’s only a brief glimpse because most are seen for only the first few weeks.

graspingGrasping reflex
Touch the palm of your baby’s hand, and she’ll grab ahold—some say with enough strength to support her own weight. But don’t put her grip to the test because it will weaken in the days after birth.

Crawling reflex
Put your little one on her tummy, and she’ll bend her arms and legs like she’s trying to crawl. This disappears as soon as she can lie flat.

Walking reflex
Hold your baby upright with her feet on the floor (or mama’s thighs). As you help her support her weight, she’ll march her feet as if she’s taking actual steps. In a couple weeks, you can do the same thing, and she’ll simply slump.

Moro response
Unlike your baby’s other reflexes, this is one to avoid. If your little feels unstable (like if her head isn’t supported), her body will try to “save” itself. Her arms and legs will fly up, and she’ll cry out because she’s scared of falling. (Note: You might also see her do this in her sleep at times.)