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By Published On: January 1st, 2018

Blogger and clothing designer Rachel Parcell joined forces with Oilo […]

Blogger and clothing designer Rachel Parcell joined forces with Oilo Studio last fall to create a stunning room for her sweet son, Jackson. They steered toward a regal, sophisticated design but kept things kid-friendly with a soft rug for playing, a bright and sunny changing spot, and easy-to-see books for her little lad’s enjoyment. Read on for tips from Parcell on designing a picture-perfect baby space.

When creating baby Jackson’s place, Parcell fell back on a few old favorites. She designed a room for her daughter, Isla, a few years prior, and several key pieces of that nursery made their way into this one, too. “Although the rooms are very different color- and design-wise, they’re also very similar,” Parcell says. “I used a lot of the same things in Jackson’s room that I used in Isla’s.” The takeaway: If you know something works, stick with it.

Creative thinking
“I got most of my inspiration from Architectural Digest and by looking at other rooms on Pinterest and Instagram. I love to look at all kinds of rooms—not just nurseries—when designing a space.”

Little boy blue
“I knew I wanted this space to be very ‘boy’ with shades of blue and brown.”

Crib notes
“I really love the X legs on the crib. It’s such a masculine feature that makes a statement. Definitely one of my favorite pieces! It was my biggest splurge, but it’s the perfect crib for the space.”

Seeing clearly
“I found the clear floating shelves on Amazon. They are really affordable and easy to install, and I like that the books are visible and reachable.”

A-tisket, a-tasket
“These baskets next to the crib serve both as decoration and functional storage space.”

Good advice
“Be sure to take the time to find a glider that is comfortable. We have this exact same glider in my daughter’s nursery, and I knew I wanted to have the same one for this room. I read books to both of my kids before bed every night, and we love to snuggle up in our gliders and fall asleep. It’s definitely my favorite part of the day!”



Images: Courtesy of Rachel Parcell