Feeling beautiful

By Published On: December 12th, 2011

Written by: Tracy December 12 2011 Amid all the nausea, […]

Written by: Tracy

Amid all the nausea, stretch marks and lack of mobility, I’ve come to one shining conclusion about pregnancy. I love it! And I just so happen to feel the most beautiful I’ve ever felt in my life.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like every day I wake up to some glittering version of myself (a la Jennifer Lopez in the mirror). Most days in fact, my hair is a bit more oily than shiny, I don’t remember what it was like to touch my toes and if I am glowing, it’s simply because I am so hot that my sweat has caused a layer of shiny film to appear all over my body. There are times when my belly makes me feel akin to Santa (or at least some version of a 70-year-old man). And there are moments when I think I really might scream if one more stretch mark decides to call my tummy home. But in the grand scheme of things, I have been awed and amazed by all the changes in my pregnant body.

It’s a pretty cool thing to get to experience carrying a child into the world. The fact that our bodies just know what to do is beyond my level of rational thought. Just a few months ago, I was gazing at a tiny peanut and now, just a few busy months later, I can feel elbows and a bottom and a head swinging around in my belly. It’s unbelievable and miraculous how we make people. It’s like there’s no person and then all of a sudden, there’s this little person in your life. It’s crazy. That alone is enough to make anyone feel gorgeous.

There’s also the responsibility factor that comes into play. I’ve always taken vitamins since I was little but through my college years and into young adulthood, it was easy to miss a day or two or five and then start back up again. But with a little person in my belly that relies solely on me for nourishment, it makes it imperative to remember to stay well nourished. I never miss my vitamins anymore and my meal plan has become balanced and quite healthier. I mean, thanks to this baby, I actually crave prunes. Who does that? Not that I was an awful eater before, but now it is a constant thought and an easy decision for me to choose the healthy option. All of these lifestyle choices have had a positive effect on how I feel, thus causing me to become much more level, Zen and overall, beautiful.

I am also a big believer in helping yourself feel beautiful. There are days when it’s simply impossible to feel your best. Blame it on the weather, or exhaustion, or the very obvious fact that all of your energy is going toward building a baby, but sometimes it’s just easier to pull on a hat (I have one on now as I type this to you,) a pair of baggy pants and a comfy sweater. Though this doesn’t warrant any Audrey-Hepburn-Style-Awards, it’s bound to happen in pregnancy life and let’s face it, now is the time to be comfy. But the key is balance. Try not to get caught in the sweatpants-every-day-what’s-the-point-in-washing-my-hair slump. It’s important to dress up yourself and your bump. Even if it’s just for a date with your love on Friday nights, it will make you feel unstoppable. Don’t neglect spa nights either. Before I was pregnant, I made sure to have an at-home pedicure, manicure, facial and massage night at least once a week. Though it’s easier for me to climb under the covers nowadays, I still make it a point to try to have some beauty “me” time at least once a week.

As I enter the final nine weeks of this pregnancy, I am going to soak up every last moment of how wonderful it feels to have Braxton growing inside of me. I hope you’re new babe is making you feel just as lovely. We should all be proud and excited for the accomplishment of becoming a mom. It’s a truly beautiful, life-changing thing.

Lots of love,