Fast Fold + Go “D” is for Dino ExerSaucer

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When moms typically think about ExerSaucers, you of course consider […]

When moms typically think about ExerSaucers, you of course consider the hours of fun your baby will have entertaining herself, but let’s be honest: Our main concern is the amount of space it will take up in our living room. The Fast Fold + Go “D” is for Dino ExerSaucer from Evenflo separates itself from the pack because of its size and transportability—whether that’s into a closet for quick storage or all the way to grandma’s house.

I could not believe how easy it was to set up straight out of the box. The instruction manual was very clear, but we didn’t even need it because it was very apparent how the product was supposed to be set up. The total assembly probably took three minutes; I’m not even kidding. No tools required. Each piece snaps into place. Once assembled it does not take up much space at all, maybe half the size of the ExerSaucer you are already envisioning. This is where the potential downfall is—you might assume that there is not much to play with if it is so small. In all honesty, there is more to the play area than meets the eye, but we will get to that in a second.

I’ll go ahead and jump to my favorite part: the way it folds up. It is so easy to store in the bag that comes with it, and now if I don’t want it sitting in the middle of my house, I can just break it down and shove it under a couch or crib. No one has to know it’s there. I have been able to put it in my car, pack it with a suitcase (because it folds flat) and take it to people’s houses, and then my daughter has something to do while we’re there.

Although it may not offer all of the play options that a large ExerSaucer would, it is plenty to keep her entertained, especially when we’re around friends or visit with family. The bag that comes with it even has a shoulder strap, so I can bring it in while carrying a car seat or diaper bag. This on-the-go feature serves me so well because I am usually toting people (i.e., babies) and their stuff wherever I go.

The ExerSaucer is very colorful and quickly appeals to babies from 4 months to 1 year, although I’m not sure we would use it quite that long. There are no parts of it that seem like they could be easily destroyed, so I would anticipate being able to use that with multiple children. On that note, it is gender-neutral even though it’s dinosaur-themed. The colors are bright enough that it could be used for boys and girls.

As I mentioned, the pieces are sturdy enough that they will last well with day-to-day use. The seat (which seems very comfortable) is removable and a washable fabric, if you need to clean it thoroughly. This ExcerSaucer is a great place to put baby and know that she is safe while you clean or cook around her.

There is a bar with dangling dinosaurs that baby can pull or bat at, and as they pull music will play. If you feel your baby is too old or tall for the bar, it is removable. You can also adjust the feet three times in order to raise the seat so that it grows alongside your baby, and they don’t have to play with their knees in their ears.

Now our daughter is able to pull up on the ExcerSaucer while we are playing beside it; it’s nice that she can access the toy options from this angle as well. She enjoys chewing on a few of the dinosaurs that she can pull to her level, and they are easy to clean so I don’t mind at all.

Overall I would definitely recommend this product to other moms who are looking for something to entertain their children on the go. It is safe, fun, portable, and an altogether great choice when purchasing an entertainer.

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