Fashion that always fits

By Published On: March 23rd, 2012

Baby bump got your style in a frump? Break out […]

Baby bump got your style in a frump? Break out of your “I can only buy maternity wear!”rut and stock up on pieces you can utilize long after your bambino makes his debut.
Fashion that always fits

1. Hide insomnia-affected puffy eyes with some stellar shades. Kate Spade, $128

2. Spruce up your mitts with fun color. Nails, Inc., $10

3. Scarves:the instant outfit pick-me-up. H&M, $10

4. Carry a clutch now—you can throw it in your diaper bag later on to keep your mom-accessories accessible. Tobi, $73

5. Add a bracelet with a timely appeal. Oasis, $50

6. Swollen fingers have you storing away your usual ring array?Stock up on larger-sized fab finds. JC Penney, $50

7. Sun protection is a must for sensitive pregnant skin—do it right with a gorgeous sun hat. J.Crew, $35

8. Flat shoes are an expectant girl’s best friend. Wet Seal, $20