A fair affair

By Published On: May 1st, 2015

My crew would love spinning this handmade Ferris wheel ’round […]

ASummerAfternoon2My crew would love spinning this handmade Ferris wheel ’round and ’round.
—Ginny, Contributing Editor
A Summer Afternoon toy, $65

HipHooray2A bright, colorful garland leads the way.
—Mayuko, Photographer
hip hooray garland, $10

EstellaI think we can all agree: The best part is the food.
—Caroline, Editorial Intern
Estella rattle, $16

MyPrintableArtThe swings are still first on my to-ride list.
—Chantel, Associate Editor
My Printable Art print, $5

cutetapeNew parents, here’s your ticket(s) to a good time.
—Sarah, Contributor
cutetape craft tickets, $1 for 20

SephoraA sweet scent that’s reminiscent of the carnivals of my youth.
—Shea, Fashion & Style Editor
Maison Martin Margiela fragrance, $125

VintageMarqueeLightsA marquee-style light in the shape of my favorite state? It’s love at first sight for this gal.Lacey, Editor in Chief
Vintage Marquee Lights Florida light, $229

PaintedFishStudio3Hands down the snazziest pictures on my fridge.
—Steph, Creative Director
Painted Fish Studio magnets, $12 for set

MailegMy very own prize-winning pig.
—Lauren, Executive Editor
Maileg plush, $58