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By Published On: February 13th, 2012

Written by: Rachel February 13 2012 It's the weirdest thing—there's […]

Written by: Rachel

It's the weirdest thing—there's a car seat in our living room.

And a stroller in the dining room. (It's an excellent conversation piece.)

Plus all these tiny clothes keep cropping up everywhere. Ikeep asking Luke, “What's with our washing machine?All the shirts keep shrinking.” He just shrugs.

I have no idea what these are.

However, this looks suspiciously like it was made for a baby.

I think, then, that we can conclude that this is for real. This baby thing is a go. After all, this is not just the aftermath of an overindulgent meal. (OK, or not just the aftermath of an overindulgent meal.):

It's getting realer and realer every day. There's no turning back—I'm officially on the third trimester highway, headed for Expanded Family Land.