Evenflo Symphony LX

By Published On: September 1st, 2012

The Evenflo Symphony LX is truly a car seat that […]

The Evenflo Symphony LX is truly a car seat that your child can grow into, with an impressive weight range of 5 to 100 pounds and a height range of 19 to 57 inches. It can function as a car seat or a booster, eliminating the need to purchase additional seats as baby grows up. We recently transferred our daughter into the Symphony as she is now 1 year old, and we have been very impressed so far. The features available for installation are awesome, as is the functionality offered for everyday use.
EvenfloSymphonyA car seat can have all of the bells and whistles available, but the number one factor for us and most other parents is safety. A car seat that is carrying your precious cargo around town must meet the highest safety guidelines and this one does just that. In fact, the Symphony actually exceeds national safety regulations, offering twice the protection for your baby or young child! A car seat can be extremely functional, comfortable and attractive without compromising safety.
The owner’s manual provides information in a very logical layout. Depending on which stage your baby is in, you can simply browse the appropriate color-coded section, whether Rear-Facing, Forward-Facing or Booster. As a bonus, there is a convenient storage location on the car seat that holds the manual, keeping it readily accessible at all times. To make things even simpler yet, basic instructions are clearly posted on the side of the car seat for quick reference.
Installation of the Symphony is a breeze. We currently have two additional car seats installed in our vehicle for our older children, and I can say that the Symphony installation is the easiest I have experienced. Any parent who has wrestled with the LATCH system knows what a hassle it is to fasten the straps to the LATCH anchors and then pull the straps tight. This is usually done while standing in an awkward position, and oftentimes the straps aren’t quite tightened sufficiently. With the Symphony SureLATCH connector, I had the car seat installed in a matter of seconds. You secure the connectors to the LATCh anchors, then push down on the car seat, and the ingenious SureLATCH connectors tighten themselves.
There are quite a few other features included on this car seat that we wish would have been included in our existing car seats. The Symphony has a reclining feature, which allows you to adjust the amount that the seat reclines, making the car seat more comfortable for your little one. An adjustable headrest ensures that your child is both safe and comfortable and is just one of many ways that the Symphony allows the car seat to grow with your child.
One of our favorite features of the Symphony is the shoulder straps! It might sound silly to get excited about shoulder straps on a car seat, but any parent who has attempted to adjust these straps as baby grows up can sympathize. Normally a long and frustrating procedure, you need to move the straps up as your baby gets taller and continues growing. With the Symphony, you no longer have to re-thread the shoulder straps. The ingenious “Infinite Slide Harness” eliminates the need to disassemble and reassemble your car seat as your baby gets bigger!
Everything about this car seat has been well thought out, and we are the beneficiaries of the design. Car seats get dirty with food, and the Symphony has made it easy to remove the padding and clean in the washer. This is a car seat that will keep our daughter safe and comfortable for many years to come!
Price: $200
To buy: babiesrus.com