Evenflo SimplyGo Dual Electric Breast Pump

By Published On: September 22nd, 2011

Written by: Anjie September 21 2011 Before my son was […]

Written by: Anjie

Before my son was born, we took a breastfeeding class and I read up on breastfeeding. I felt ready to learn how to breastfeed with him, but I was still very intimidated by the thought of using a breast pump.

Luckily, the Evenflo SimplyGo Dual Electric breast pump is easy to use and not intimidating at all. The pump is simple enough to put together, though it helps to read the manual first. It's comfortable to use as well, which is good when you're staring down a full pumping session, which can take a while. The pump is a good size. There are optional nipple adaptors that you can insert for a better fit or you can use the pump without the adaptors. They are easy to take in and out and comfortable. The manufacturer recommends this pump for women who need to pump occasionally or up to two times a day.

The pump can run on the AC adaptor or on AA batteries, which provides a nice alternative for portability. The parts are easy to disassemble and clean as well. The bottles that attach to the pump hold 5 ounces and can transition directly to fridge or freezer storage, removing the step of transferring milk to a storage container before freezing. The pump comes with two bottles and lids with the option to purchase more. It has small bases that the bottles can sit in as you prepare or finish up. The pump also comes in a handy, discreet black bag with turquoise lining. Another nice addition is that it comes with a cooler bag and ice packs for milk storage on the go.

The one thing I do not like about this pump is how noisy it is. I was hoping I'd be able to watch TV while pumping at home or pump discretely in other places, but the motor is loud. I don't think it would be too loud to use in a private office or pumping room, though.

Overall, I think this pump is a great one for the price. Other than the noise, it's handy, compact, portable, easy to use and clean, and the direct to storage bottles are a huge help! For someone planning for occasional pumping, this is a great buy.

Price: $60
To buy: walmart.com