Evenflo ModTot

By Published On: September 9th, 2013

In gearing up for a first child, I was under […]

Evenflo ModTotIn gearing up for a first child, I was under the impression that if you’ve seen one highchair, you’ve seen them all. But that’s just not true. Practicality, style, comfort, affordability and ease of use became high on the list of importance as I explored options while also watching fellows mamas struggle at mealtime. I was immediately excited to review Evenflo’s ModTot as it seemed to possess many desirable qualities.
It seemed planned that the highchair arrived when my husband was out of town working (as I’m the girl who cannot properly assemble a simple IKEA piece). Eager to see it in action, I opened the box and got to work. Luckily for me, the only extra tool required was a Phillips screwdriver—even I can handle that! The instructions were easy to follow, with helpful diagrams at every step. It ended up being a fairly large piece needing an ample amount of space to assemble, and more suitable for a larger eating area. I was able to tackle the project, from start to finish, in about 30 minutes.
ModTot’s styling is simple and sleek, suitable for most any home with its modern appeal. Its greatest attributes are its ability to adjust and handle a weight of up to 40 pounds. The seat’s five-point harness allows for a growing child. The chair height raises and lowers to six positions, and the seat offers three reclining positions. I’m appreciative of this feature as the child can feel close to family at the table while also being within arms’ reach. A footrest is also included for tiny, dangling legs. The tray may be my favorite part. It adjusts to three different settings for the size of the child, which is ideal for preventing food from falling into baby’s lap. The tray also has a removable tray liner that’s easy to snap in, remove and is even dishwasher safe! These features allow for clean up to be a piece of cake. Plus, there are no small cracks or crevices for food to get lodged thanks to its smooth surfaces for wipe down. The seat cushion and back are also removable for thorough cleanings. The cushion is made from a harder type of foam, which makes cleaning easier but is less cushy for the child. After a mess has been made, the chair slims down a bit for storage and the tray hooks to the back. Wheels on the front legs allow for one-handed mobility (around your kitchen—this is not the chair to take with you to dine out).
The ModTot is a winner in our household. The style blends well, its practicality is much appreciated and the price point is very reasonable. I can see that it will be with our growing tots for a long time. The best part? I’m not feeling like a struggling mama at meal times—cheers to that!
Price: $100
To buy: target.com