Evenflo Modern 200

By Published On: September 26th, 2012

Call me crazy, but I decided to attempt the assembly […]

Call me crazy, but I decided to attempt the assembly of the Evenflo Modern 200 while my husband was out of town for the week and my four-month old daughter was napping. I figured that would be the true test of the assembly degree of difficulty!
Assembly: Surprisingly simple. It took me a total of 15 minutes from start to finish. Luckily, I only needed a screwdriver for the two screws included (thank goodness, because I had misplaced my imaginary tool belt!). The instruction manual was useful and easy to follow. It clearly illustrated each step.
Adjustment: Easy to do. It takes both hands to raise and lower, but is not difficult. I like the multiple height features seeing as how we do not always eat a meal at the dinner table. Wherever we are sitting, I can find a height that suits.
Recline: Only one hand is needed to recline the seat into one of the three positions offered. You have to make sure you have both latches in place to fully be secure.
Wheels: When ready for storage, the highchair rolls well on the two front wheels. They are nice and wide, which helps with stability.
Seat: The cushion is made from a nice soft material. Although I received the green pattern, all three offered are a bit too busy for my taste. I would have preferred a more neutral option, feeling as if it would blend more so into our traditional decor – but, the name is “Modern 200”! The seat cushion is washable, which is definitely a plus. The buckle is easy to snap and unsnap, and seems very secure.
Tray: The large tray is convenient since it has a removable topper that can be washed in the dishwasher. Even though it says “top rack only,” I would most likely have to place the topper in the bottom rack of my dishwasher because of its size. It is easy to slide in and out with one hand.
Portability and storage: The highchair folds when pulling down on the two leg releases. It is fairly easy to do, so I might like it to be slightly more secure. Although the highchair folds in half, it still takes up a decent amount of space. I would not recommend this particular version if you have a small living space such as an apartment.
Safety and stability: This is where I have the most concern. I tested it out on my 4-month old with her first cereal feeding. The highchair did well—the cereal attempt, not so much! My 14-pound daughter can be a bit squirmy, but does not have the power of a toddler. She was able to shake the highchair slightly. I would be worried that as she grows, the highchair would become less safe as she begins to wiggle and squirm more. Without my daughter in the chair, I shook it from side-to-side, feeling as if it is a bit too wobbly.
Cost and availability: My research online shows that you can purchase the Evenflo Modern 200 from most of the usual online stores such as Amazon, WalMart, and Target. The prices range from $85 to $100. This price point seems reasonable to me for a full-sized highchair.
The Evenflo website (evenflo.com) provides a listing of retailers as well as overall product descriptions.
Overall: I would recommend the Evenflo Modern 200 as a user-friendly highchair. The slight concern I have with stability in the future might not be warranted. I would like to see how well it holds up with a small toddler.
Price: $100
To buy: evenflo.com for stores