Evenflo Lyric Musical Bouncer

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All of my babies have just absolutely lived in bouncers. […]

All of my babies have just absolutely lived in bouncers. That’s why I was so excited that Evenflo has come out with a new sleek, lightweight bouncer that is as functionally cool as it is eye-catching called the Lyric Musical Bouncer. I literally use it every day and couldn’t be happier with this product. Here’s why I’m crazy about it …

Quick and easy assembly
When the bouncer arrived, it was as easy as 1-2-3 to put together. You simply take it out of the box and use the levers on the sides to pop it up into either position 1 (more recline for a newborn) or position 2 (a little less recline for an older infant). Then you attach the sweetest little toy bar to the sides of the bouncer. Everything will make a “click, click” noise, and you’ll know it’s set up properly. The bouncer comes with a little head pillow that you can adjust from the back. You’ll also want to have a Phillips screwdriver handy so that you can loosen the battery compartment located on the back under the zipper. The bouncer takes 4-C batteries, a step you don’t want to forget. That’s it! In about five minutes flat, you’ll have a sweet, safe place for your little one to play.

Awesome features
OK, tech buffs, you can rejoice! The features are really super cool. My little man, Asher, has terrible reflux and has to be upright at all times. Several times during the day, he will need to be rocked or soothed to calm his achy tummy. On the Evenflo bouncer, there’s a vibration feature that we are so thankful for. It actually helps him feel better while giving me a few minutes to wash the dishes or start dinner. There are three levels of vibration and the best part is the vibration will shut off after 20 minutes, giving Asher enough time to fall asleep, but not too much time to get overstimulated. You can also match the vibration to the songs found on the bouncer.

There are five sweet little tunes or sounds that will play. I was impressed that is sounds more like your own grownup sleep sound machines than the annoying baby tunes of years past. There are also six levels of volume, depending on your baby’s preference. The coolest feature is that you can hook up to your Bluetooth. The first time you connect needs to be manually but from then on, your bouncer will connect automatically. With Bluetooth technology, you can play whatever works for your baby, whether it be a bedtime story or their favorite song. (For some reason, John Denver puts Asher right out!) My husband loves this feature the most.

Functional for mom
Okay, it’s time for real talk. It gets busy when you’re a mama, and I have two other kiddos who need just as much attention. So, there are times when I need to scoot Asher around the floor without picking him up and moving him. The bouncer is lightweight, and it doesn’t scratch my hardwoods at all when I move it from one room to the other. Something you don’t ever think about, but something I literally do several times a day. The product itself is lightweight and folds all the way down for easy travel and storage. In fact, we just took it on a trip to Grandma’s, and it packed away wonderfully. It is really the lightest bouncer I’ve ever experienced.

There is a safety harness that wraps around your baby’s waist and allows their legs to poke through. The straps on this harness are adjustable. The manufacturer recommends using the bouncer until baby tries to sit up on his own, begins to roll over or reaches 15 pounds (whichever one comes first). Since Asher was a preemie, we’ve been using ours for a long time and still have a few more months of use before we need to worry about the weight limit. The only thing to keep an extra eye on is how well the bouncer actually bounces. It’s wonderful when the bouncer is used to bounce or rock by an adult, but I do have to remind my 5-year-old to be careful when he tries to lean on the bouncer or play with the baby because the bouncer does tend to work extremely well. Asher also does take naps in the bouncer with supervision but you wouldn’t want to use this bouncer for sleeping during the nighttime.

Overall, the bouncer is best! I am obsessed with the steely gray color and its lightweight features. It blends nicely into any type of décor and I think the two little reversible toys are just the cutest, giving Asher four little friends to pick from. I am very happy and would definitely recommend and/or buy this product for a friend.

Price: $60
To buy: amazon.com

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