Evenflo Jump & Learn Frog Exersaucer

By Published On: January 3rd, 2011

The Evenflo Jump & Learn Frog is an easy-to-assemble stationary […]

The Evenflo Jump & Learn Frog is an easy-to-assemble stationary entertainer that is ideal for babies who are able to hold up their heads on their own.
EvenfloExersaucerIt can be used until babies begin walking (maybe beyond if you have a relaxed baby who doesn’t mind being confined once she masters the art of walking on her own). This toy provides a great alternative to the baby swing and bouncer seat.
This brightly colored jumper offers several toys that are engaging without being overwhelming. They range in simplicity to grow with your baby’s development.There are two bendable toys on the tray that your baby can pull toward herself. The googly-eyed dragonfly has the perfect wings for teething, and the rattling red apple has a surprise worm inching through it.
The green frog on the tray is its own little activity center. The frog’s belly is a rattle that spins, which entertains my daughter for several minutes at a time. When the frog’s head or arms are moved, he “ribbits” and plays a cheerful tune. The fuzzy cattails next to the frog provide a new texture for your baby to experience.
A flip-up sunflower across the tray holds a pop-up rabbit and carrot. The sunflower giggles and doubles as a mirror when it is flipped up, and the pop-ups play whimsical sounds and music. Both the frog and the sunflower can be removed and stand alone to provide lasting fun for your baby even after she outgrows the exersaucer itself.
The activity bar overhead has a detachable rattle that can be maneuvered around the length of the bar. The top of the bar holds dangling plush critters to encourage reaching. The apples on the bar light up to reward your baby when she masters the art of pulling the inviting fuzzy bug and bird.
The frog-shaped chair swivels to allow your baby to move easily among all of the activities. The springs for the jumper are built into the legs of the system, which provides a great deal of stability and containment to baby’s jumps. I have been a bit disappointed that my daughter is ten months old and has just grown tall enough in the last few weeks to be able to jump, even with the legs of the jumper on the shortest setting (there are three levels of adjustment). She is taller than average, which leads me to believe more petite babies would have a limited amount of time to benefit from jumping before they begin walking. On the positive side, my daughter thoroughly enjoys jumping now that she is able to do so, and it is great exercise for her.
Overall, I have enjoyed having the Jump & Learn Frog. It has a compact design that makes it easier to move from room to room than Evenflo’s traditional Exersaucer. I have used it in the kitchen while cooking dinner, outside while big brothers play in the backyard, and even next to my computer as I write. Having a safe and fun place for her to play once she outgrew her swing has been a definite advantage for this busy mom!
Price: $80
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