Evenflo Jump and Learn

By Published On: January 14th, 2013

We’re an active family and our baby is no exception. […]

We’re an active family and our baby is no exception. We knew we needed a stationary activity center that would hold her interest, keep her safe and maybe even teach her a thing or two. The Evenflo Jump & Learn ExerSaucer has fit the bill.
Evenflo-JL-junglequestWhen the very large box arrived with all those parts, I was NOT looking forward to assembling it. There were a lot of screws, metal bars and bags of toys. Once I read through the manual, I felt much better about it all. The only tool you need is a Phillips-head screwdriver and a little time. You also need six AAA batteries for the musical toys. It would be ideal to have another person helping hold the frame in place when you build it, but I managed to do it alone. The instructions and images were clear and easy to follow.
The assembled ExerSaucer is sturdy and safe. We had to figure out the best place for it because it is cumbersome and would not be easy to drag from room to room. We found the perfect spot in our den. It’s too large to fit in our closets and does not fold so storage is not an option for us, but we don’t mind having it out. It takes up a decent amount of floor space which may be a concern for those who are looking for something smaller.
The seat has three height adjustments so it will grow with our baby. The adjustments are simple to make. The seat is attached securely and also rotates so she can see and play with all of the toys, which is a really nice feature. The pylons and seat placement make it hard for her to reach anything other than the attached toys.
For safety reasons, the seat should be adjusted so that only baby’s toes touch the base, not the entire foot. Evenflo recommends to discontinue using this once your baby’s feet can rest flat on the bouncer.
There are nine toys attached including two musical toys and our baby loves them all. One minute she’s jumping to reach the little lion and the next she’s chewing on the parrot. She’s really content playing in this and seems to have fun every time she turns her attention to another part of it. It’s like having a toy box on display. She has to reach and balance to grasp some of the toys and has become an even stronger jumper. She squeals and giggles when we put her in. We love watching her explore all the sights, sounds and animals. I love that the toys are detachable and she can take some of her “friends” with her. The monkey has become her best bud.
The seat is machine washable and the rest, mostly plastic, can be wiped clean with soap and water. We have the Jungle Quest version of the Jump & Learn. It also comes in two other styles; Safari Friends and Jam Session, which does not have the soft jumping base but includes additional musical toys.
I would definitely recommend this jumper/activity center to other parents. It is safe, our daughter loves it and it will take some time to outgrow. We’re holding on to this for our next baby!
Price: $108
To buy: Diapers.com