Evenflo ExerSaucer Soft N Snuggly Door Jumper

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We recently received the Evenflo ExerSaucer Soft N Snuggle Door […]

We recently received the Evenflo ExerSaucer Soft N Snuggle Door Jumper (Duck). We love this product! Our daughter is 5 months old and is no longer content just lounging around. She is ready to see the world (or our house at least)!

Assembly is pretty self-explanatory. The manual illustrates eight quick steps to follow, and then it’s ready for use. The frame of the seat was the hardest to put together; it just took a little muscle to connect. Attaching the clamp and spring assembly was simple, and then we were ready to install in a doorway. As I was a little nervous about using a doorway jumper, I measured our doorframe very carefully. Where I originally wanted to hang the jumper was too wide (glad I read the instructions!), so I picked another one.

Once the jumper was up, I pulled on the clamp to make sure it was secure. Then I pulled on the clamp again … and again. The clamp and spring are very sturdy, and while I knew it wasn’t going to magically jump off the frame, I just had to be sure. I even pulled on the enclosed spring. Before putting my daughter in the jumper, I did one more thing that was not included in the instructions: I wrapped a receiving blanket around the bottom of the spring that would be closest to her head. Again, I know the jumper is not going to come off the frame, but it’s difficult to look at a plastic pipe hanging above your child’s head and not envision it crashing down on them. Some sort of cloth cover would really put that fear at ease.

Placing my daughter in the jumper was a little tricky; we had trouble getting her arms through the straps—but the more we use it, the easier this part gets (the same with taking her out). We had to adjust the strap a few times to get it to the right height, which meant taking our daughter out each time, but eventually we got it. The manual says your child’s toes should be touching the floor. The seat allows plenty of room for growing babies, and the leg holes seem comfortable. There is a mirror on the back of the duck’s head and a jingle bell inside it too. When our little one gets excited about seeing herself, she jumps and makes the bell jingle.

Evenflo recommends that your child be able to hold her head upright unassisted (about 4 months) and weigh no more than 24 pounds. Being the nervous, first-time mom that I am, I did a little reading on the pros and cons of jumpers and walkers. Of course, follow and take all safety precautions, but experts also recommend no more than 20-30 minutes of use for jumpers a day and not all at one time. So, the jumper is perfect for when you need just a few minutes to swap out the laundry or get dinner started. There are several different types of jumpers to choose from, but we love the duck. I mean, there’s nothing much cuter than a baby sitting in duck, right?

The jumper is also great to take on the road. We are on the go a lot and not every place we go is baby-friendly. The jumper is so easy to install and takes up so much less room than a bouncy seat or walker making it ideal for travel.

Our daughter loves her jumper. She has a view of the entire living area where she can see us, it keeps her entertained for just the right amount of time, and our dogs can tickle her feet without her grabbing their ears! It’s a win for everyone! It’s easy to install, clean and great to travel with.

Price: $27
To buy: walmart.com

By Megan