Evenflo BabySuite 300 Playard

By Published On: January 9th, 2013

My family really likes the Portable Babysuite 300 by Evenflo. […]

My family really likes the Portable Babysuite 300 by Evenflo. This is a great playard with many special features, such as a diaper changing station that holds up to 25 pounds, a storage compartment for baby items, a raised, full-size bassinet surface that holds up to 15 pounds, and a removable play mat.
evnflo playardWhen my husband and I first opened the playard, we were really impressed with the quality of it. Before I had my own little bundle earlier this year, I used another playard while keeping my nephew. I must say the Portable Babysuite 300 seems to be of a much higher-quality material and design.
The second thing we noted after opening the playard was the ease with which we were able to assemble it. It took my husband about 20 minutes to assemble this product, but about 15 of those minutes he was trying to assemble it without using the product manual (I guess it was the old men-don’t-like-to-ask-for-directions mentality coming into play). After getting out the product manual, which was very easy to understand, it took him about five minutes to assemble the playard, and he didn’t even need any tools!
This playard really does save space, as it’s a bassinet, a changing table, and a play pen all in one. After assembly, the playard is easy to fold into a compact rectangle and stash in a matching carry bag that can be tossed into the trunk of your car or put into a closet for storage. The only complaint my husband and I have about this product is that before folding it up, you have to remove the changing station from the rest of the structure. Though this hasn’t been much of an issue for us as of yet, we can’t give this playard a perfect score because of it. However, it is nice that the playard has two wheels so that you can lift it on one end and roll it wherever you need it to go when it isn’t folded up!
We love the appearance of the playard—it is way cuter than ones I’ve used before! Ours has green, orange, and blue accents, and a playtime arch with colorful circle toys that attach with Velcro. My little one loves lying under the arch and swatting at the circles!
At this time we have the bassinet feature assembled in the playard (the bassinet and diaper changing station can be removed if your child is too big for them). When my baby is too big for the bassinet feature (more than 15 pounds), it will be a snap to take out the bassinet layer and let her play in the playard on its main, bottom surface. The playard holds up to 30 pounds, so she should be able to use it for some time yet! Another great feature of this playard is that the mattress pad and the arch with circles are removable and can be used on the floor as a play mat.
We frequently use the changing station, and when we’re done it’s very easy to unsnap one side of it and fold it over the end of the playard so that it’s not in the way. The changing station and other features attach to the playard in multiple ways (using snaps, Velcro, zippers, and/or plastic cuffs that attach over the sides of the main structure), making me feel that my little one is as safe in the playard as she is comfortable!
Another important consideration for those parents who have spitters (like I do) or children who like to be outside (also like I do) is that the fabric and structure materials are 100 percent polyester and easy to wipe off.
The shape, size, and appearance of this playard in addition to the features it comes with and the fact that it comes in multiple color schemes make it something I would definitely recommend to a friend! We love it, and at around $100, it’s a very reasonable buy!
Price: $100
To buy: target.com