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The Aeris BabySuite by Evenflo is exactly what you’d expect […]

The Aeris BabySuite by Evenflo is exactly what you’d expect in a mid-range sleeper. It is reliable and sturdy, and it gets the job done—all at a reasonable price.

Upon the arrival of the Aeris BabySuite to my doorstep, I was excited to try it out. We have used another travel bed/play yard system (that I even used as a crib for our 6-month-old), so I was eager to see what another model might have to offer. I opened up the box and was impressed right away with the carry bag that the sleeper folds up into, secured with Velcro. It is pretty lightweight, which is nice when considering the struggle that is all too real when packing up a tiny person for travel—que that tiny violin.

I then noticed the no-lock hinges that make pack up even faster. (This thing was made for a fast getaway!) It’s worth noting that the accessories—including a removable changing table and parent caddy—do not fold up with the sleeper, so those would need to be toted separately.

Moving past functionality, my eyes jumped to the serene color palette as I continued to unfold it. Aesthetically, the Aeris BabySuite is quite charming. The gender-neutral colors are much richer than they appear on the packaging. A pattern of circles and lines forms abstract trees in blue, green, brown and beige. The sleeper itself is made of plastic and has breathable mesh in gray with a teal blue outline. Weighing in at about 28 pounds, it should prove relatively easy for car-loading.

OK, my personal nightmare: assembly. Drumroll, please … it took me 15 minutes to setup the pack and play alone, and another 15 to figure out how to attach the accessories. Considering I didn’t bother with the instructions for the first five minutes or so (which were quite useful once I broke them out), I will call this a success!

Breaking down the Aeris was much easier once I got into the swing of things. I will admit: my current pack and play (from another brand) took me much longer to put together.

On to the accessories: The caddy consists of two hanging holders and one square-shaped tray that can be positioned on either side of the system. I would suggest installing the changing pad and caddy on the same end to easily reach the wipes, cream or diapers that can be conveniently stored nearby. I do wish the changing pad were larger. It’s also somewhat suspended in the air, so my 19-pound 6-month-old seemed to be too heavy and too long for the changer, in my opinion. (Though, it has a maximum weight specification of 25 pounds.)

The BabySuite has a removable bassinet for newborns under 15 pounds, and the bassinet seems much more durable than the changer—I think it could certainly accommodate squirmy diaper changes. The bassinet is cushioned with the reversible SoftTouch Mat that is also used for the play yard below. The mat has a nice texture and can be hand-wiped—or the removable lining can be thrown in the wash. The mat is soft, but I am not sold on it being cozy enough for a newborn’s noggin. I find it to be better suited for playtime once baby is a bit older.

All in all, this is a solid purchase that has a long lifespan for growing babies. It’s lightweight and easy to assemble (and disassemble) making it great for travel, and I would say that the Aeris BabySuite is also perfect to keep at grandma’s house for those frequent visits. It serves its purpose without a lot of extra fuss. (So if you’re looking for the fully loaded play yard, you may need to keep looking.) But if you’re looking for something simple and easy to use, then the BabySuite could be just what you’ve been searching for.

Price: $150
Where to buy: babiesrus.com

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