Evenflo Active Carrier

By Published On: June 4th, 2012

When my partner and I first pulled the Evenflo Active […]

When my partner and I first pulled the Evenflo Active Carrier out of the box, we were happy to find that the fabric is very soft and flexible and the polka dot design is cute and works fine for baby boys or girls (though there is a pink option for those who want to go super girly.)The very affordable carrier, designed for babies from 7 to 26 pounds, can be used with the baby facing in or out, or in the backpack position.The carrier allows for lots of adjustments and flexibility as your baby grows.
Since out little guy is only 7 weeks old, he’s only road tested it facing in.He seems quite comfortable in the carrier and falls asleep as soon as I start moving.The carrier is easy to get on and off and the straps are easy to adjust and seem like they would fit a wide range of body types.The only tricky strap for me was a snap in the upper back to secure the shoulder straps together.It is kind of a stretch to snap this one myself.The straps are all quite comfortable, but the weight seems to carry mostly on my shoulders and I did notice a strain on my back after a longer walk.
The top of the carrier folds down when your baby is strong enough to face outward.Both sides of the upper part of the carrier have adjustable straps, but I found they didn’t tighten enough to make the carrier completely hands free when our baby was very small.I still needed to hold his head because the straps left extra space.Once he was a little bigger (10-12 lbs) and had a little more head control, this wasn’t as much of an issue.
The side latch is convenient for putting my guy into the carrier and is very simple to latch.The trick is unlatching it!Make sure you read the manual and practice unlatching it before you use the carrier with your baby in it.Don’t get me wrong, the latch release isn’t overly complicated, it just isn’t self-evident and is tricky to see once your baby is in the carrier.The directions in the manual are clear and easy to follow, so once you do it a few times, you won’t have a problem. You just don’t want to get stuck hunting for the users’ manual while your baby is crying!
The pack is flexible and light and convenient to pack in a diaper bag or suitcase.The carrier is also machine washable.
Bottom line: The Evenflo carrier is a cute, comfortable and inexpensive carrier for the casual baby wearer.It works well for walking around the neighborhood and wearing to the store.
Price: $30
To buy: walmart.com