Ergobaby Stowaway

By Published On: December 30th, 2012

I have been using the Ergobaby Stowaway carrier for over a […]

I have been using the Ergobaby Stowaway carrier for over a month and really enjoy carrying my four-month-old around in it. It is very easy to use. The manual has concise directions along with clear illustrations to get the user started. The carrier can be used in three different positions (front, back, and hip). I have only used the front position because until just recently my baby was not big enough for the back or hip positions.
Ergobaby_stowaway-imageThe official website lists many videos including demonstrations on how to use the carrier. The carrier is very easy to put on. There are two buckles (one at the waist and one behind the shoulder blades). At first I had problems connecting the buckle behind my shoulders, but I loosened it a bit from where I had originally adjusted it and with some practice can now secure the buckle without help. I was unable to find information for the size adults that this carrier accommodates. It is recommended for babies 7 pounds to 45 pounds.
My baby seems more comfortable in the carrier now that he’s four-months-old. When he was a little younger, he had some difficulty sitting with his legs spread out on either side of the carrier. The instructions recommend that babies between 7 pounds and 12 pounds and under four months may only use this carrier with the ergo infant insert. I have the newborn insert and my baby outgrew it at around two months. I was able to fold a blanket under my baby and put his legs underneath him, as suggested by a friend, which worked great, even though this may be against the directions in the instruction manual.
I am able to have both hands free when carrying my baby in the Ergobaby. I can take him to places with stairs that I cannot take a stroller to or do things around the house, where I would otherwise be using both hands to hold my baby. I can even nurse discretely in public while using the hood over my baby’s head. The Ergo travel is lighter weight and has an overall smaller profile than the classic Ergobaby. It is a better fit for my petite 5’3” frame. The classic Ergobaby is a better fit for my larger husband. It does not fit in my diaper bag, but it does fold up into a canvas tote bag that I usually keep it in. It has a nylon shell which seems to be lighter weight and easier to wipe clean than the classic Ergo. The hood and inside lining is made with an organic cotton, which is very soft.
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