ERGObaby Performance Carrier

By Published On: November 4th, 2010

When I looked for alternatives to my old, faithful infant […]

When I looked for alternatives to my old, faithful infant carrier (which lasted through three boys in three years), I was somewhat overwhelmed by my choices. How was it that in five years’ time carriers had evolved so much? Slings, organic carriers, hip carriers, back carriers…which one was right for me and my newest little one?
ErgoBabyCarrierThe ERGObaby Performance Carrier is ideal for me because it offers multiple carrying options all in one product (front, hip, and back positions) and can be used for children up to 40 pounds. As soon as I pulled the ERGObaby Carrier out of its box, I noticed the material. The fabric is so light, soft, and breathable, an important feature for a busy mom working up a sweat chasing little ones, all while she has precious cargo strapped to her chest. Because the fabric isn’t bulky, I can easily fold the carrier up and store it in my stroller or diaper bag. It also has a great zip pouch in the front that contains an optional hood with additional space to stash small—but important—items like pacifiers.
The primary strap for the carrier is a wide set, comfortable band that sits around my waist. When I put my daughter in the ERGObaby Performance Carrier, I didn’t feel the familiar pressure on my back that I experienced while carrying my boys. The ERGObaby design distributes baby’s weight evenly, and for the first time, I haven’t had to pull my little one out of the carrier because of back and shoulder pain. I feel like she’s more comfortable because rather than hanging, she’s actually sitting close to the position she would be in if I was carrying her in my arms.
The front position of the carrier holds my daughter close, which was wonderful in the early months when she wasn’t quite as strong and her neck muscles were developing. Now that she is nine months old, the front position has become a bit restrictive for her (babies can only face Mom in the front position). She’s a particularly inquisitive little one, so I am planning to transition her to the hip or back position. I still have the freedom to use my arms, and she is able to take in the world from a better vantage point. As she grows taller and is able to maneuver her arms over the top of the carrier better, I feel the front position will still be an option for me, especially when she’s sleepy and in need of mommy cuddles.
The ERGObaby Performance Carrier is great for moms looking for a durable alternative to traditional carriers but don’t feel completely comfortable using a sling. I will say it’s important to take time to read the instructions and look at the diagrams for each position. I still haven’t quite mastered the technique of strapping my daughter in by myself, but doing so is getting easier the more I use the carrier and become more comfortable with its options.
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