ERGObaby Options Carrier

By Published On: April 15th, 2012

Before I even had kids, the name I heard the […]

Before I even had kids, the name I heard the most in mom circles when it came to carriers was ERGObaby. Parents raved about ERGObaby’s ergonomical superiority and comfort, versatility and ability to be used for a long time—up until a baby weighed 45 pounds (that’s a big baby!). I found all these things to be true with my first ERGObaby carrier and wore it all through my first baby’s infancy and toddlerhood. Now, nearly 4 years later, I wondered—what could they possibly offer that would improve on such a great design?
baby-carrier-ERGO-Options-2Well, how about a carrier who’s look you can change with a cover and just a few snaps? The Options carrier does just that—you start with a basic black ERGObaby Options carrier and then are given the choice to purchase either a single cover for $10 or a pack of three covers for $30.
Some may wonder why you’d want to buy a carrier that you would just have to buy an additional piece to, but for me this was a no-brainer. I knew that I would use my ERGObaby for at least two years (if not more) and being able to switch out the cover to make the carrier appear like it was fresh and new every couple of weeks (or days!) sounded great to me. I opted for the set of three India covers, which were lush and colorful, and I have received compliments every single time I’ve taken my daughter out on the town in one. They add flair to what I would easily call a staple to my baby gear arsenal and make me excited to put on a carrier every day (sometimes for hours on end—depends on her mood!).
ERGObaby’s comfort and lasting quality (as attested to in the other reviews already shared on P&N’s site here, here and here!) are well reported. For me, this new option is total icing on the cake.
Price: $120 for carrier, $10 for each cover
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