Ergobaby Four Position 360

By Published On: May 15th, 2014

There are a lot of carriers out there today, and […]

There are a lot of carriers out there today, and as a mother of five children, I have some considerable experience with them. It has been a challenge to find a carrier that my husband is able to use and feel comfortable with. Some carriers that we own consist of yards and yards of fabric, and you need considerable skill to maneuver your child into position and make sure she is secure. Others contain many clips and require two people in order to put the carrier on and then safely insert the baby without harm.
What’s a parent to do? Enter the Ergobaby Four Position 360. This carrier meets and exceeds our expectations for a baby carrier, and my husband finds it simpler to use than any other than we have tried!
Ergobaby360FrontInA good word to describe the 360 Carrier is versatile. The name itself, Four Position 360 Carrier, describes how many options there are in carrying your child, depending on her age, weight and achieved milestones (such as being able to support her own head). The four positions are: Back, Hip, Front Inward and Front Outward. Again, there are stages that your baby goes through as she develops, and for each stage there is a proper fit and configuration in the 360! At any age from newborn to 3 years (and depending on the size of your child), this carrier can accommodate your child! (Note: When you carry your newborn in the carrier, you will need the newborn insert, which is sold as a separate option.)
Ergobaby360FrontOutA carrier that accommodates such a wide range of child sizes requires a lot of adjustable features, and it is true with the 360 Carrier. The super comfortable padded shoulder straps are adjustable, and you increase them in length as your child grows. With a simple twist of a button, the head support is put into action, allowing you to utilize the hood that is conveniently zipped into the support, offering stability to babies head and protection from the sun. The hood can also provide privacy while nursing in the front inward position. Finally, and probably one of the best features is the adjustable Velcro waistband, which is so much more comfortable than other waistbands that we have used on other carriers. It is a great size, and offers low back support, allowing flexibility in how you wear it (i.e.. high or low on your tummy).
There is a lot of information out there nowadays regarding ergonomics for baby, and conventional carriers have a narrow seat on which the baby sits, resulting in their legs pointing toward the ground. This puts a lot of stress on the baby’s hips and can result in problems (such as hip dysplasia) later on. The 360 Carrier has a wide “bucket seat” and adjustable seat panel that gets wider as your baby grows. The result of this is that your baby’s knees will be above the level of their hips, therefore minimizing any potential problems for your child’s growing body.
The carrier is made of 100 percent cotton, which to us means increased comfort for our baby, and it is machine washable which means we can wear the carrier daily and not worry about the inevitable food and dirt stains from everyday living! The carrier comes in two fashions: Black & Camel and Grey.
I mentioned before the fact that my husband is actually willing and able to use this carrier, and that in itself is a ringing endorsement. So many carriers have you balancing your baby with one arm while you try and adjust a strap here and buckle a clip there. The 360 Carrier comes with such detailed instructions on how to use its many configurations that it is truly a breeze to put on. There are different ways to put the carrier on and install baby, and each one is described clearly with words and pictures. You are able to wear the 360 Carrier with confidence knowing that your baby is snug, secure and most importantly comfortable!
Ergobaby360HipOne thing that strikes me as innovative is the efforts that Ergobaby puts into educating people on how to use their carriers properly, and clear guidelines are given for each stage of your baby’s/child’s growth. Also, Ergobaby worked with experts in midwifery, baby carrying, as well as parenting when designing the 360 Carrier, so you can feel confident that it is designed to be functional and easy to use.
I would recommend the Ergobaby Four Position 360 Carrier to anyone who is passionate about baby wearing and wants a comfortable, quality and safe option for carrying their precious cargo throughout the day. The carrier is adjustable, which allows for maximum comfort for both mommy and baby, and it is designed with your needs in mind.
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