ERGObaby Carrier

By Published On: July 13th, 2010

For parents looking to buy just one carrier both mom […]

For parents looking to buy just one carrier both mom and dad can use that will get them through their entire babywearing days, the search is over.
ergobabyThis is the perfect one-size-fits-all carrier: The ERGObaby accommodates parents from 5 feet to 61/2 feet in height, thanks to adjustable shoulder, chest and waist straps. And passenger-wise, it can carry tiny newborns when used with the infant insert (from $25) and tots up to 40 pounds.
Depending on which of my little ones (ages 6 months and 2 years) I’m toting, I’ll use the ERGObaby as a front or back carrier. (It’s worth noting that the ERGObaby only allows for an inward-facing front carry.) The carrier also offers a hip carry, which is a nice option, though typically not my preference. My girls are easily situated in any of the positions, and they always seem happy and content. It took a little bit of practice to figure out the best way to wrangle my toddler into the carrier while it was on my back, but we had it down after a time or two. (It helped that the included instructions were clear and filled with useful diagrams. By the way, if ever you lose your instructions—not that I can ever imagine that happening in my super organized home!—you can download a new set of directions at ERGObaby’s website.)
The high-density foam in the shoulder straps and waist belt offer plenty of padding (without being bulky) to make carrying comfortable, even during extended rides. My kiddos are nice and cozy as passengers too, and each has a tendency to get bit jealous when the other sibling is the passenger instead of her. (I found a photo on their site of a mom wearing two carriers simultaneously—I’m not sure I’ll ever go that far, but I suppose it’s always an option!)
Other awesome aspects of the ERGObaby carrier:

  • The design allows the passenger to actually “sit” in the carrier, rather than “hang.” ERGObaby has dedicated a great deal of time and effort to ensuring passengers are properly supported while riding in the carriers, which helps me feel confident it’s a healthy means of toting my children.
  • The carrier is available in various cool color options, including a Petunia Pickle Bottom line (shown).
  • It can be machine washed with cold water and hung to dry (or tumbled dry on a low heat setting).
  • The sleeping hood allows baby to have some privacy while napping or avoid being overstimulated in crowded spaces.
  • It can be folded and stuffed in a diaper bag or stroller basket fairly easily.

Price: from $110
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