Eddie Bauer Endurance Jogging Stroller

By Published On: March 24th, 2014

The box in which the Eddie Bauer Endurance Jogging Stroller […]

The box in which the Eddie Bauer Endurance Jogging Stroller came scared me at first. The size and weight were intimidating; sure, I wouldn’t be lugging it around in the box for long, but how much could the packaging really add to it? Unpacking the stroller didn’t help my trepidation. I anticipated the large wheels—it is a jogging stroller, after all—but for some reason seeing them in person was another matter. Relief started settling in when the user guide fell out of the box and I began putting the parts together.
Eddie Bauer Endurance 3The only way that assembling the Endurance stroller could’ve been easier is if it came with a person to do it for you. It does take a little time (about 15 to 20 minutes) and involves the use of a wrench tool, which is provided, but I was pleasantly surprised (and relieved!) at how simple it was to set up. The user guide’s illustrations and language were useful, although I think someone could figure things out on her own if need be.
Once I had the stroller set up, I realized my fears were for naught. It looked smaller than my regular stroller! Storage isn’t fun, but that’s not the stroller’s fault. Our closet space has become scarce since our son arrived, but if there were some to spare, the Endurance would fit by taking off the rear wheels—a surprisingly simple task. And it fits in the trunk of our Volvo S80 with relative ease.
Eddie Bauer Endurance 1The simple construction doesn’t mean the stroller skimps on quality. Putting the parts together gave me a chance to see how durable they were. The metal frame seems solid. The rubber wheels are easy to get on and off if you want to, but otherwise they’re staying put. A manual bike pump needs to be used in order to inflate them as needed. The front wheel swivels and can be locked into place by pulling or pushing the front lock tab with some force. The lock brakes are located on the back two wheels and are used by stepping on them; they both must be locked to be in park mode. The unfortunate side is that they both must also be unlocked by lifting them up with your hands. I don’t know about you, but I do enough bending down during the day (and using my hands to lift something that my feet touched isn’t appealing.)
In addition to being impressed with the Oasis blue color (one of four options), I was extremely pleased to see how many parental features came with the stroller. Two cup holders! A nook for keys, some cash and a cellphone! My son’s too young to benefit from them at his age, but when the time comes I know the cup holder and removable snack tray will be handy. The canopy lacks a peekaboo window, but you can quickly rotate it to a multitude of positions. One disappointing feature was the storage basket. It’s really shallow, and I’m not sure what would be small enough to store in there besides a sweatshirt.
Eddie Bauer Endurance 2Setting my son up in the seat was simple. The harness was easily adjustable, although he was a little on the small side (there was no extra or removable support). We don’t have an Eddie Bauer infant car seat, so we couldn’t test out the feature that allows you to use one with the stroller. On the plus side, the stroller’s good for children up to 50 pounds, so in theory it should last through the toddler years. I’d believe it if there was an adequate footrest, but as-is I’m left wondering where my son’s feet will go when he’s taller. The seat reclines back with the use of a release clip. Pinching the clip and adjusting the seat forward or backward is a snap. Comfort wise, the little one is content and has yet to suggest otherwise.
Taking it out on the open sidewalk was when I got really impressed. The Endurance jogging stroller handles like a dream! The outdoor conditions weren’t ideal (we were in the midst of the polar vortex), but it managed to conquer the mounds of snow much better than any other stroller I’ve used. Multiple feet of snow aside, the stroller glided with ease. Turns were easy to execute, and I could see this stroller being easily suited for nature walks as it is daily jogs and city strolls.
Eddie Bauer Endurance 4Let’s get down to my least favorite part of the stroller: folding it and getting it to stand while folded. In order to fold it, you need to remove the child’s snack tray, lock the brakes, and close the canopy. Then the fold release buttons on either side of the stroller (beneath the parent tray) need to be pulled up. Finally, while holding the buttons, you must push the handlebar down to collapse the frame. There must be a trick to get it to stand alone consistently, but it evades me.
Like most childcare products, the Endurance stroller can be cleaned using cold water and mild soap on a damp cloth. For all the bells and whistles and how functional this stroller is, I think this stroller is reasonably priced at $190. I’d recommend it to someone interested in using it for daily walks and jogs, but if you’re looking for significant storage or have a long passenger, you may want to consider other options.
Price: $190
To buy: target.com