Earthy Bliss Kenzie Ring Sling

By Published On: January 20th, 2014

After using a few different kinds of carriers with my […]

After using a few different kinds of carriers with my firstborn, I was eagerly agreed to try another kind of carrier with my second born. My 3-month-old and I were offered the chance to test an Earthy Bliss Kenzie Ring Sling, and although we do not use it as our sole carrier (we still try to get some use out of our other carriers!), we have been very pleased with our experience.
EarthyBlissKenzieRingSling1The manual was very clear and explained how to properly use the ring sling very well. The carrier is not complicated to use and is made of quality materials, including cotton and bamboo. I was especially drawn to the sling because it’s easy to take on and off. Unlike a structured baby carrier that has clips and straps to be wrangled, there are no buckles or snaps to fasten, which helps to simplify the babywearing process. I am able to put the carrier on—and take it off—without the help of another adult, which is essential for the days when Daddy is at the office or on an adventure with our older child.
My daughter seems to be quite comfortable in the ring sling, and I’m glad to report that I’m quite comfortable wearing her (much more so than I am when I have her in the front pack).  There is no padding in the ring sling, but the fabric can be spread over your shoulder to distribute the weight and ensure nothings digging into you in an uncomfortable manner.
When wearing the ring sling, I am able to walk around and do light housework/shopping, though I’m always careful to keep a hand on my baby when I’m bending over or reaching. I often use it as the grocery while pushing the shopping cart. My little lady isn’t quite big enough to ride in the cart just yet, and pushing a stroller obviously isn’t a viable option. Having my daughter in the sling keeps my hands free, and it usually keeps her happy too—a win-win!
EarthyBlissKenzieRingSling2The ring sling fits in my roomy diaper bag, which makes transporting it easy. It also fits both my husband and me, and Daddy has even been known to wear the sling in a pinch. (We have a colorful version of the sling, which I adore, but it’s a little feminine for him.) There are several front and hip carry options, and we love trying the different positions as our baby grows. The sling can be used with little ones from 7 to 45 pounds.
Ultimately, I would choose this carrier over some of the more complex ones with buttons, straps, pads, etc., because it is simple enough to put on (which was my concern before using it), it is very comfortable (at least as comfortable as the others), and it folds up compactly (so I can carry it in the diaper bag and pull it out whenever and wherever I want).
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