Dyson Hot

By Published On: December 15th, 2011

We live in a drafty old house with hardwood floors […]

We live in a drafty old house with hardwood floors and gaps in the baseboards, so having a heating unit to help knock the chill off in the cold months is always a plus. I knew the name Dyson as the top of the top when it came to vacuum cleaners, so when I got the chance to try out their Hot fan heater, I had fairly high expectations.
Dyson-Hot-AM04-weiss-silber-schraegJust like their Air Multipliers, the Hot has no blades (and therefore no grill to collect dust and grime), which just makes it look cool. But a sleek design does not always a good product make, so after oohing and ahhing over its appearance, I got down to the nitty-gritty: Let’s make some heat!
Putting it together was a snap, and I mean that literally. The main unit comes separately from the base on which it rotates, so you fit them together by aligning two black arrows, and twist them together until you hear a click. Done! One of my very favorite things about the Hot is the curved-to-fit-the-top-of-the-unit, magnetic remote control. Such a handy place to keep it. (Makes me wish Dyson made televisions. Hmmm …)
There is a thermostat control, and when you switch the unit on it will automatically default to a temperature 1°F higher than the current room temperature, and then once you set your target temperature, it won’t turn on unless the temperature in the room falls below that number. You can select high flow or low flow, depending on the area you’re hoping to heat. (Low flow would be great for an office, for example, whereas high flow did wonders in our large upstairs bedroom.) The heater can oscillate or stay static, and it’s tilt-adjustable as well.
The noise the heater makes sounds almost identical to a white noise machine, which I find very soothing. If you’re looking for a silent heater, this is not it, but I wouldn’t call it loud by any means. Most importantly, it heats well and fast, which is the thing I was most interested in finding out. The drafty room we use it in feels very comfortable with the Hot blowing in it, and with the thermostat controls, it’s almost like having a separate HVAC system for our upstairs (since our upstairs is only one room).
Though the Hot looks magical, like it could create heat out of nothing, it does get hot to the touch, so it’s not for a space where children could reach it. That’s one reason the tilt feature is handy—if you can position it high up out of kids’ reach, you could still tilt it down into the room easily.
Plus, I didn’t even mention that you can also use the Hot as a fan (which, I guess, would technically then make it the Cool?) That, to me, makes the price tag (which is fairly hefty) worth it—it’s a device you can use year round to keep things comfortable effectively, with very little maintenance (cleaning requires only wiping with a soft cloth) that looks unobtrusive in any decor. If your space needs a little temperature oomph, I highly recommend the Hot as a solution.
Price: $400
To buy: dyson.com