Dyson Digital Slim

By Published On: April 14th, 2011

Written by: Rachel April 13 2011 If ever there were […]

Written by: Rachel

If ever there were a brand with street cred among the mom crowd, it’s Dyson.

Even before I was a parent with crumb-trailing kids, I had heard Dyson’s praises sung from rooftops. So when I opened up my new Digital Slim cordless vacuum, I had high expectations and was curious to see if Dyson would live up to its reputation.

I’ll save you the suspense: Boy, did it ever. Billed as the “most powerful cordless vacuum cleaner,” the Digital Slim amazed me with its ability to suck up the bits of crackers and crumbled leaves and raisins and sand and … well, you get the picture. In short: it’s a great vacuum for a household with kids.

That being said, I do think it’s good to point out that my house is mostly hardwood floor, with an area rug in the living room, kids room, dining room and study, so a cordless fit my needs well. If I lived in a wall-to-wall carpeted abode, I would probably spring for a corded model, mostly because the charge for the Digital Slim lasts for only six minutes on high power and 13 to 15 minutes on low. Six minutes may not sound like much time, but I’ve yet to have it run out of steam in the middle of a job. The suction is effective enough that it takes very little time to cover one area rug. Also, as a person who has put in many an hour pushing a broom across my hardwood floors, I can say that the cleaning power the Digital Slim wields over dust in corners of uncarpeted floors is glorious.

Besides working like magic, the Digital Slim also just looks rad. My husband grabbed it one afternoon to clean up a(nother) child-produced spill in the living room, and the first words out of his mouth were, “Whoa. Cool.” He really liked that the wand detached to make it a powerful handheld machine. The best part about that for me is that now we have an easy way to clean out our car—no more quarters in those long-hosed giant machines at the car wash!

The dirt and dust collect in a tube that pops off quickly for easy emptying, and there are anti-static carbon fiber brushes inside the head that really get to hard-to-pick-up detritus like hair. I also really like the way the head swivels to reach around and under furniture. And as if that weren't enough, my six year old begs to use it every time Ipull it out.

To which I say, “Well, ok, but only if you eat your broccoli first.”

Well done, Dyson. Well done.

To buy: dyson.com