Dyson Ball DC39

By Published On: May 23rd, 2012

I had read about the Dyson Ball technology, with better […]

I had read about the Dyson Ball technology, with better suction and its turn on a dime canister. It was with great excitement that I opened the large box that was delivered to my door by the Fed Ex man. I couldn’t wait to see if the DC39 lived up to the Dyson name. Imagine my delight to pull out a space age-looking vacuum with a purple canister top! Wow, let’s make vacuuming fun! The second delightful discovery was how easy it was to put the pieces together. Just click, click, click … that simple.
dc39AnimalUSI carefully read the manual to be sure I would use and take care of this new piece of equipment appropriately. The instruction manual was complete with picture illustrations and text. It was definitely helpful to have both. I was surprised not to find any information regarding the attachments, although information and a helpful video can be found on Dyson’s YouTube channel. I was especially surprised that there was no mention of the mini turbine head, which is particularly useful for removing pet hair, a noted feature of this model. But again, you can go to the website.
This vacuum is quite lightweight, which made me wonder if it really would perform up to standard. I was not disappointed. All I had to do was look into the clear dust bin to know that this small, lightweight vacuum suctions like a heavyweight. And the clear dust bin is a wonderful feature. Not only can you see what you have sucked up, but also THERE ARE NO BAGS TO REPLACE! Needless to say, this translates into less operating costs and less mess for the landfills!
On the first flap of the box, as I opened it, there was an important notice: WASH FILTER WITH COLD WATER AT LEAST EVERY MONTH. This information was also in the manual and on a tag attached to the vacuum wand. Seems to me that this might be important, do you think? Couldn’t help but wonder, though, if washing it once a month is based on vacuuming every day, once a week, twice a month, once a month? They don’t really say. I would think that the frequency of use would make a difference. And it would be helpful to have something—not sure what—to serve as a reminder. In any case, it is super easy to remove the filter and wash it, wring it out, and leave it to dry for 24 hours. Much better indeed than having to continually replace bags!
A feature of this vacuum that I really love is the Triggerhead tool. In my house I have three rooms with large area rugs. It was very easy to go from rug to hardwood floor without having to bend over and make an adjustment. It is right on the handle. Very, very handy!
I believe the DC 39 Animal would be particularly useful to pet owners. Although I do not have pets, I did have a major sewing project which resulted in many, many threads on the rug and floor. The vacuum did an excellent job of getting up all the threads (sort of like animal hairs, maybe?) This also gave me a chance to see how difficult it would be to remove things from the roller brush, because after vacuuming I could see lots of the longer threads wrapped around the brush. With the help of a coin, I was easily able to open the panel, slide out the brush, remove the threads and return it to its original position. The manual contains information about checking for other clogs that might happen as you vacuum.
A final test for me with this particular vacuum was to see how well it performed on our downstairs indoor/outdoor carpet, which is the largest carpeted area in our house. I was quite pleased with how well the vacuum picked up little pieces of debris, and felt that the brush did a good job of getting up the dirt that can get ground into that kind of carpet. It was also much easy to use this vacuum to clean the stairs, by simply attaching the mini turbine and shortening the wand.
My old vacuum was very heavy and cumbersome. The attachments were contained in the canister box, which was convenient. The attachments for the Dyson DC39 Animal are separate from the unit, but this is a small inconvenience and is by far made up for by the lighter machine with its superior suction.
To buy: dyson.com