Dyson AM01 Table Fan and DC31 Handheld Vacuum

By Published On: December 2nd, 2010

When Dyson asked if I’d be interested in trying out […]

When Dyson asked if I’d be interested in trying out a couple of their particularly parent-oriented products, I responded with an enthusiastic “Yes!”
DysonAM01I had seen the commercials. I had heard the rave reviews. But I had yet to experience the magic of Dyson myself. (Well, with the exception of the cool hand dryers found in the occasional public restroom. Don’t you love those things?) Now, after trying out the AM01 Table Fan and DC31 Handheld Vacuum, I can honestly say that I see what all the hype is about.
First, the fan. This air multiplying contraption is initially impressive based on looks alone. It’s sleek and modern and immediately draws comments from each and every visitor in my home. (“Wow, what is that?” “Sweet! Is that the Dyson fan?” “Dude, where can I get one of those?”) The good news though, is that its goodness keeps on going. It performs exceptionally well, magically moving air to create a steady flow and keep things cool. It can ocsilate on command (just press the button) and can also be tilted to blow air downward or upward depending on one’s preference. The speed ranges from low to high, though I’ll admit that the low setting is more of a medium-low and puts out a decent breeze. The fan is quieter than some traditional fans I’ve had, but certainly does not go unheard. Personally, I’m a fan of the white noise it creates, especially when members of the household are sleeping. The best parts about the fan? There are zero/none/nada blades for tiny fingers to get caught in—it’s completely child-friendly (which offers invaluable peace of mind). And it’s an absolute cinch to clean with a quick wipe down. Done and done.

As for the handheld vacuum, it’s pretty neat too. I think every parent should be presented with a handheld vacuum the day their baby is born. They’re essential for sucking up small crumbs and dirt and tiny objects that, left unsucked, could turn into potential choking hazards. And once baby meets highchair and consequently mess meets floor, a handheld vacuum will be called upon for postmeal clean-up after breakfast, lunch and dinner (and probably a couple snack times in between). Let’s face it: If the cleanliness of my home depended on pulling out and plugging in a heavy, awkward full-size vacuum, I would likely live in filth. A lightweight, easy-to-maneuver cleaning machine makes keeping things tidy via frequent spot cleaning a realistic endeavor. And the Dyson DC31 even ventures to make it an enjoyable one. The sucking power is excellent (there are two different setting options) and the suction strong until the charge is up. (The device typically stays charged for 15 minutes of consecutive use; I usually recharge—it takes about three hours—a couple times a week.) It has different attachments to switch on and off to accommodate the surface being cleansed. Plus, I love the fact that there is no cord to step (or trip!) over means I can easily move with the vacuum throughout my house. Leave no dust mite untouched, I say!
My biggest hesitation, and I imagine most folks’ hesitation, in purchasing Dyson products is cost. But while neither the fan nor handheld vacuum is inexpensive, I would argue that they are worthwhile investments should your budget permit. I’m not usually one to request appliances for gifts, but I think I may just have to add a Dyson Ball to my Christmas wish list. I’ve been so pleased with the other products, I can’t imagine that that yellow turns-on-a-dime beauty would disappoint.
Price: $300 (fan), $220 (vacuum)
To buy: dyson.com