Dwell fabric bins

By Published On: January 29th, 2010

Written by: Lynne January 29 2010 Are you looking for […]

Written by: Lynne

Are you looking for a toy storage option that will stand the test of time and toddler? Look no further, because Dwell Studio's fabric storage bin holds all the answers, and then some.

To be honest, I was surprised at how good-looking the canvas bins are in person. Upon its arrival, I actually carried my bin around the living room, hoping I could make it work as a giant cube of a handbag—but then I realized the pile of toys on my floor needed a home much worse than my lip gloss did, so I passed it off to my daughters. As far as looks are concerned, all of the Dwell bins remain true to their creator—they're modern and adorable, and if you're already a big fan of Dwell's prints, there's a good chance you can find a bin to match your favorite pattern. Ours is pink and lovely—just the way my two girls like everything. It would be nice to be able to say that because Sophie and Loralie thought the bin was so pretty it instilled in them a new desire to put away their toys, but I think that's going to take a miracle, not a storage bin…

However, I'm totally impressed by how versatile this product truly is. Over the course of a month our bin has covered more ground than most storage solutions see in an entire lifetime—and it still looks brand spankin' new! For a couple of weeks, it was the primary retainer for the random toys and books that were once scattered across our floor. It's amazing how much stuff this thing holds—it measures 15x17x15inches—and because it's soft-sided, I didn't have to worry about my baby bonking her head when she took a dive to the bottom of the bin in search of her favorite stuffed bunny.

We also tried our bin as a coat closet catch-all. We live in a snowy area, so keeping track of mittens and scarves can be quite a challenge during the winter months. The Dwell bin more than passed the test by keeping track of warm weather accessories for us … and since the outside is so wipe-able, parking slushy snow boots against it wasn't a problem in the least.

After the newness wore off I was able to sneak the bin to the basement and use it for my own devices. I converted it from a shuttle-bag for hauling laundry up and down the stairs to a DVD/snack/travel tote in the floorboard of my car, and then, when I ran out of things to carry around, I tucked it neatly under my desk as a flashy recycling bin.

By far, the mobility and durability of these bins are what make them so spectacular. The small sturdy handles and soft-sided maneuverability make this a great product for parents to have around, whether their kids are graduating from diapers or college.

Price: $79
Buy it: www.ModernNursery.com