Due date approaching

By Published On: April 25th, 2016

Today is the day. Or was it the day? (I’m writing […]

0416161805Today is the day. Or was it the day? (I’m writing this prior to the actual due date despite it being published on the due date.) Truth be told, it’s the beginning of what I’m planning on being a hectic, unpredictable week. As of writing, there’s still no baby. In fact, we haven’t even visited the hospital. We took a tour prior to G being born, so we’re fairly confident we know the process.

A quick roundup of the goings-on: Baby No. 3 made it through N’s fifth birthday without a hitch. G keeps pointing to his belly saying “baby,” clearly not getting it but really getting it. And L continues to power through.

N’s party last weekend was a success despite nine people not RSVPing. In total, there were eight other kids there. Not bad and definitely way better than the party after his—the poor girl was celebrating her sixth birthday, and only four people showed up. This brings me to a piece of advice I plan on passing on to my three sons: Always be prompt, and always RSVP. Your time is not worth more than theirs. Don’t forget to RSVP, everyone.

When G was a newborn and sleeping terribly, we joined Netflix to kill some time while we stayed awake with him during the night, sometimes multiple times. We weren’t binge-watching shows. We’d watch an episode here and there as we tried coaxing him back to sleep, knowing that once he fell asleep it was only temporary. It gave us roughly another hour, maybe 90 minutes, to quickly fall asleep only to be woken up again. Once he was sleeping soundly throughout the night, we canceled Netflix. After all, eight bucks saved is eight bucks saved, and when working as a one income family, every dollar counts.

We really didn’t watch a whole lot of television prior to signing up but were actually discussing the possibility of signing up again. Who knows what’s even on nowadays—we have Hulu Plus, and watch “The Middle,” “Modern Family,” “Scandal,” and “How to Get Away with Murder” when I get a night off. L loves her some Housewives, doesn’t really matter which city. We’re gonna have to see how the first few nights/weeks go before making a decision.

DSC_0413Luckily when G was busy crying and being a bad sleeper, N either ignored it or slept right through it. And based on how they’re both sleeping now, I’m confident that both boys will remain asleep when the inevitable overnight wake-up cries begin.

I’m going to take a week off from both jobs and both are fine with that, thankfully.

The boys’ room keeps progressing and the nursery is coming along … slowly. Still some finishing touches to put on it.

The car seat is cleaned and ready to rock, the baby carriers are clean, the dresser drawers are full of a rainbow of onesies. Newborn diapers and wipes are next to the changing table. It’s almost go time. Or it was go time, I’m just trying to get ahead on a post because honestly, this week I’ll go from a father of two to a father of three.

L is ready to get this baby out, celebrate with a glass of champagne, which I neglected to purchase the first two times—but will not this time around. Bottles will be popped!