Dressing for the journey

By Published On: April 7th, 2010

Written by: Ginny April 07 2010 It’s getting to be […]

Written by: Ginny

It’s getting to be about that time: time to go maternity shopping. Up until now, I’ve managed to make some of my regular wardrobe work (courtesy of Ingrid & Isabel’s Bella Bands and tanks), and my maternity clothes from the last round are still in good shape.

My maternity clothes are nice basics—mostly from GapMaternity—but they’re almost all for winter weather, as my daughter was born in April. Since I’m anticipating lots of growth and swelling through the hot summer months, I’m definitely going to need some warm weather duds.

I’m tempted to wear workout tanks and stretchy pants every day (really, that’s all I want to put on when I wake up), but since I work in an office rather than a yoga studio, I’m afraid that’s not going to cut it. And here in Georgia, heavy pants just don’t do the trick during the ultra hot and humid months. This leads me to skirts—they’re versatile, they encourage air flow … but unfortunately, they also show off swollen ankles and feet. I’ve been hearing a lot about maternity support hose. Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t think about wearing hose during the summer, but what if it’s the only way to kill the cankles? And if I wear hose, do I have to wear closed-toe shoes? I pretty much like to have my toes showing at all times during the summer, and I’m sure real shoes won’t fit too well by the end of my term anyway. Advice, anyone?
Here’s my shopping list:
  • Fitted tops
  • Cropped pants
  • Comfy skirts
  • Support hose?
  • Summer flats?
  • Swimsuit x2
If anybody has tips on what to wear when you’re a whale in summer, I will welcome the help! (Especially on the swimsuit front—is it possible to find a cute preggo suit that doesn’t break the bank? And please, put a skirt on it or something.)