Dressed down

By Published On: August 8th, 2012

Written by: Suzanna Palmer August 07 2012 Although I’m not […]

Written by: Suzanna Palmer

Although I’m not usually one to brag on my little boy (ha!), I just have to share: This month, Jacob’s sweet self was dubbed “Most Likely to Succeed” by our very own Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine.

He’s a pretty smart kiddo, so I wasn’t surprised. But, really, what I wasn’t surprised about was that he didn’t win the “best dressed” category.

Though he’s looking dapper-as-can-be in the photo spread, at home, his signature look is something else entirely. It’s a look I like to call The Ragamuffin. And, let me tell you, he totally rocks it.

While an unbuttoned onesie (because it’s two sizes too small) with a diaper is his signature look, we do our best to at least throw a pair of shorts or pants on the kid when he goes out in public, but I can’t say that we always succeed. I’m not sure what’s more surprising—that we take him out in public looking like a hobo or that I don’t really mind.

When I was expecting, I swore that I would never be the mama with the kid who was running around half-naked. I was determined to raise my child with a sense of dignity and decorum. I even joked that I would bathe him in a pair of trunks.

And, for the first few months of his life, the kid was lookin’ pretty fresh. But it didn’t take long for our gargantuan child to outgrow all of his shower gifts. Last week, Jacob the Giant’s Sunday outfit was a pair of duds sized 18-months.

Now, don’t get me wrong. The kid isn’t perpetually naked. He does have clothes; he just doesn’t have very many. At last count, I think we’re down to three or four properly-fitting shirts and the same amount of shorts and pants, which I figure works out since he can only wear one set at a time.

Do you agree? Are you like me when it comes to your child’s wardrobe, taking a less-is-more approach? Or, are you like a fashionable friend of mine who purchased over 200 shoes for her newborn? (Yes, he had the normal amount of feet.) Share your baby-dressing personality in the comments section below.