Dress code: Shades of grey

By Published On: February 24th, 2012

For our third Dress Code post (click here to see one and two), we’re going with a “Shades of grey” scheme. The palette may not seem particularly suited for the small set, but I’d argue it’s a nice departure from the norm that still leaves plenty of room for fun (just like the outfit that inspired it).

Let’s start with the sparkly shoes. Any babe sporting these kicks would be officially considered hip, even if she’s hardly old enough to hold her head up. Likewise, tots with disco balls in their nurseries are shoe-ins for the cool crowd.
Next up, faded grey jorts with a sweet star print. Let’s translate them into star-shaped chalkboard decals, which will allow baby to express herself all over the walls (or you to write sweet messages—or track her feeding schedule—until she’s old enough to weild the chalk).
A grey cardigan is a timeless addition to any wee wardrobe, and one with brown elbow patches has extra character. Similarly, a classic grey rocker is bound to look good for years to come, especially with its chocolatey underside.
Lastly, polka-dotted tights instantly make any outfit 14,232,129 more fun, and it’s probably safe to assume a circle-saturated rug will do the same for baby’s bedroom, don’t you think?