Don't you look smart!

By Published On: March 6th, 2013

Now, we wouldn’t go as far as saying our smartphones […]

Now, we wouldn’t go as far as saying our smartphones are part of our families, but it seems as if we’re never without them. Put them to the test by letting them do some of the heavy lifting. Need to brush up on your mom-to-be info? No problem. How about a little Italiano for your bambino? Il problema. Want to work out while you help out? No sweat. We’ve picked three apps that will help you live better and give better.
babyQ: Forget about intelligence quotient, let’s talk babyQ! Expectant moms who download the app can take a quick survey to get their initial “baby quotient” scores, and then work to improve or maintain them throughout pregnancy by heeding the customized coaching messages sent via push notifications and email. The two Michigan doctors behind the program created it in hopes of improving maternal-fetal health during the earliest stages of gestation. How’s that for baby apptitude? Free for iPhone (Coming soon for Android!)

Little Pim:
Language learning goes high tech thanks to panda friend Little Pim. The Spanish, French and Chinese interactive apps introduce 60 basic vocabulary words to expand both mom and baby’s lexicon when it comes to describing activities like eating, playing, sleeping and more. $3 for iPhone
Charity Miles: Imagine raising funds for your favorite charitable organization just by taking a walk or jog around the block. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Thanks to the Charity Miles app, you can track your miles and turn them into money for your charity of choice. Runners and walkers earn 25 cents per mile, and bikers earn 10 cents. Sponsored charities include (but are not limited to) the ASPCA, Feeding America, Every Mother Counts and Habitat for Humanity. Benefit your waistline and a good cause in one fell swoop. Free for iPhone and Android.