Don't worry, be happy

By Published On: January 1st, 2015

1. The unwritten thank you notes Buying stationery, hand-writing a […]

1. The unwritten thank you notes
Buying stationery, hand-writing a note, finding a stamp and remembering to stop by the mailbox—if only! When you can’t find the time to snail mail a card, send a grateful text instead. (Include a recent baby photo for bonus points.) Friends and family will understand that you’re up to your ears in diapers and nipple cream and merely appreciate the confirmation that you received the gifts.
2. Your pants size
Cut the tags out if you have to, but don’t fixate on the number. (That goes for the digits on the scale, too.) The extra inches will fade away eventually, but it takes time. In the interim, find something that’s comfortable and flattering, and wear the heck out of it.
dishes3. The dirty dishes in the sink
Obviously they won’t clean themselves, but it won’t hurt if they sit a little longer than you’d normally allow. Enjoy some extra snuggles with your baby, or sneak in a nap—and get to the dishes when you can. Better yet, accept that afternoon visitor’s offer to help.
4. Your neighbor’s child prodigy
So little Jane rolled over at 2 weeks and started walking at 4 months—she probably came out of the womb talking, too, didn’t she? Don’t let your parent peers make you question why your little gal isn’t fill-in-the-blank-ing yet. Every baby progresses at her own pace, and odds are good your tot is right on track. (If you’re truly concerned, have your pediatrician weigh in.)
5. Glares from fellow flyers
If it’s your little one’s first flight—shoot, if it’s your little one’s any flight—there are bound to be some tears. Passengers who are moms and dads will empathize, and those who aren’t might seem unnerved. They’ll survive (and so will you). Do your best to keep your cool, so your tiny travel companion can follow in your footsteps.
6. The lack of baby book
Haven’t documented baby’s every first? Your bambino is still just as likely to feel loved and cared for. Although a scrapbook can be a wonderful keepsake, so can those mental pictures you take and those stories about X, Y and Z that you’ll never forget.
7. That stupid thing that stranger said
From critiquing your parenting techniques to asking when you’re due (after you’ve already given birth), people say the darnedest things. Make like a duck, and let the comments roll of your back because you’re the mama—and a really good one at that.