Don't blink, you might miss my son's changes

By Published On: August 15th, 2012

Written by: Christopher Spicer August 14 2012 I was looking […]

Written by: Christopher Spicer

I was looking at several pictures of Everett, and I came across photos of the day after he was born. I couldn’t believe this small, shriveled up figure was my son. I could see some features that were similar to Everett, but he was so much smaller and thinner than my current tree trunk legged, almost 19 pound son. It is remarkable to think how much Everett has changed over just 7 months.

I remember when I had to support Everett’s neck when I held him and it felt like carrying a million dollar crystal vase (except my son was so much more valuable). Now, Everett sits all by himself, and if I’m holding him, then he almost always needs to stomp my legs into a fleshy pudding.

I used to lay my son down knowing he will be in the exact place when I come back. Everett now likes to imitate a rolling log, and will go from his back to his stomach to over to his back again. If he actually stays in the vicinity of his play mat for more than five minutes then Everett is having a slothful day.

It was only a few months ago that I’d be cheering when Everett first lifted up his head during tummy time. Now, he pulls himself into the crawling position (and usually tumbles over, but it appears the baby proofing days are near).

I was so happy that Everett loved his baths when he was younger. Now, he squeals with delight when he sees his bathing suit, because he knows it is time to go in the kiddie pool. This is also the place where he makes mini tidal waves and causes toy turtles to float away for safety.

I’ll never forget the first time he laughed. It was such a special moment whenever Everett would talk to me. Now, he laughs and smiles every time I look at him. He has countless stories to share throughout the day.

We once were worried that Everett was behind in reaching for things. We’d squeak toys, and he’d just smile and only clutch it if you put it right in his hand. Now, I need to make sure I have a clear desk or every bill, pencils or card will be greedily grabbed by Everett and introduced to his mouth.

Everett has grown a lot in the past seven months. I wouldn’t mind it if he just slowed it down a tad so that I can just enjoy it. He doesn’t seem willing. Instead, I’ll relish all the exciting and sometimes drastic weekly changes in Everett.