Done for now

By Published On: May 15th, 2014

I first began writing about pending fatherhood nearly a year […]

Rogers05.14I first began writing about pending fatherhood nearly a year and a half ago. Knowing that my wife and I were expecting, I kickstarted Awkward Story, a blog about my thoughts on the transition from a childless existence to one in which a baby is constantly demanding my attention. That blog soon gave birth to new opportunities, including this one. I have been writing here in this little space for well over a year now, and I am grateful for the opportunity. This has been a wonderful place for me to explore my thoughts on the challenges and blessings of new parenthood. I have enjoyed it so much that I have given far less attention to my own writing space at Awkward Story over the past six months.
Now that my monster has turned one, he falls outside of the “newborn” category. Unless my wife has a secret she failed to tell me, our lives are now less relevant to readers of Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine. We are not pregnant, and somehow our baby has become anything but a newborn. He is huge, interactive, and insane. But he is not so new anymore.
So this is goodbye, for now, internet friends. My wife and I are definitely planning on having a few more monsters before we retire from reproducing, but not at the moment. As I end my contribution to the Dad’s Eye View column, I would like to thank my wife for letting me write embarrassing things about our lives for all the interweb to see. She has been pretty fantastic, and I’m fairly certain that she will continue to be fantastic. So thank you, Mrs. Rogers, and all the friends that I have forced to read this over the past 15 months. It was fun.