Documenting your pregnancy

By Published On: September 30th, 2010

You’re about to grow in amazing ways, both physically and […]

You’re about to grow in amazing ways, both physically and emotionally. And although every detail of your evolution may be extraordinarily vivid as you experience it, the changes you undergo and the feelings that overwhelm you will become less lucid as time goes on. To forever remember and cherish this special phase in your life, dedicate some time to documenting your pregnancy.
Strike a pose
The progression of your nine months is truly spectacular. Why not capture it on film (or digital memory card, as the case may be)? When you begin showing, even if ever so slightly, make the effort to begin snapping a weekly belly shot. At first, you may not notice much difference from week to week, but near the end of your pregnancy, you’ll be wowed by the drastic expansion seven days can bring.

Create a masterpiece
Art Bellies $45
For a subtle means of chronicling your nine months, consider a pregnancy art kit from Art Bellies. Even the most amateur artists can follow the step-by-step instructions for crafting their own abstract silhouettes. While the process is simple, the high quality materials (such as Japanese Sumi-e ink and sheep’s hair calligraphy brushes) ensure the finished product is worthy of prominent display.
Mommy Measure 2Measure your progress
The Mommy Measure $15

Sometimes, the cold, hard facts say it best. If you’re a show-me-the-numbers kind of girl, track your development using a measuring tape made just for mamas-to-be. With stickers to log your dimensions and extra room for brief notes about how you’re feeling, The Mommy Measure is a fuss-free way to gauge your growth.
Write it down
Spruce $20
Your baby bump isn’t the only thing you’ll want to remember! A pregnancy journal is the perfect way to record details that can’t be captured visually. Spend a few moments each week noting cravings and kicks, as well as hopes and fears. A few months or even years down the road, you’ll enjoy reminiscing about your mom-to-be musings and perhaps laughing at some of your former worries (which will no longer cause you to so much as bat an eyelash).
Cast your belly
Original Belly Works from $65
For a fun baby shower activity or even a sensual mommy-and-daddy bonding experience, try fashioning a belly cast.
This three-dimensional representation of your belly and breasts (which is best made in the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy) provides a dramatic depiction of your prenatal curves that will be ever so special once your body begins returning to its usual shape. You’ll never believe your body once stretched to such proportions!