By Published On: January 1st, 2014

Strengthen my core before I get pregnant! Seriously, being fit […]

Strengthen my core before I get pregnant! Seriously, being fit is so helpful.
—Karen Beato Mangonon, via Facebook
Relax a little more; I overthought everything, and it all turned out fine.
—theplanks, via Instagram
Take a babymoon, and try to be more considerate of what my husband is going through. I need to remind myself that he will be having a baby too.
—klgilly, via Instagram
Get the body pillow earlier than 30 weeks!
—amandabucha, via Instagram
I’d stop listening to everyone else’s horror stories and realize that all pregnancies are different. Also, I’d do a lot more exercising to prevent the sheer exhaustion of trying to get back in shape after months of not doing much.
—Tyra Blackshear-Mosely, via Facebook
I will appreciate my growing belly for what it is accomplishing rather than being hung up on the numbers and weight gain.
—acruns, via Instagram
Not be so crazy or worry about every little detail. I’d just take the time to enjoy it all.
—Brandy Stansbury, via Facebook
Just go ahead and register for every style of baby carrier because they’re all useful and babywearing is awesome.
—amandabucha, via Instagram
Placenta encapsulation! I would also spend less time worrying about my pregnancy and more time learning about baby things—once the baby is here, there is very little time for reading!
—lissdawn, via Instagram
I would try to move more during labor to help keep things moving along. And pictures—I’d take a whole lot more pictures! Bellies and babies grow so fast.
—coffee_spoons, via Instagram
Never ever Google anything at 3 a.m. I was convinced my baby and I had all sorts of issues (thrush! pyloric stenosis! mastitis!) … I should have been sleeping.
—Sarah Cabrera, via Facebook
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